Yarovaya Urged To Check The Laws Against "death Groups" In Social Networks

Yarovaya Urged To Check The Laws Against "death Groups" In Social Networks
Yarovaya Urged To Check The Laws Against "death Groups" In Social Networks

Video: Yarovaya Urged To Check The Laws Against "death Groups" In Social Networks

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MOSCOW, July 6 - RIA Novosti. Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya asked the Prosecutor General's Office, the Investigative Committee, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation to analyze the law enforcement, judicial and investigative practice of implementing laws aimed at combating "death groups" on the Internet, involving children in deadly games and inciting them to commit suicide.


In 2017, the State Duma passed a law criminalizing the creation of "death groups" on social networks, persuading children to commit suicide and involving them in dangerous games. The author of the corresponding bill was Yarovaya.

"The laws that we adopted in June 2017 are aimed at protecting children from inclinations to suicide via the Internet, at creating measures to help prevent suicide among children and combating various forms of promoting suicide, establishing a proportionate level of responsibility for committing these crimes," she said. Spring RIA Novosti.

She recalled that in August 2017, in accordance with the instructions of the president, the sanctions for inducing children to commit suicide and for organizing "death groups" were significantly increased.

"Initially, when adopting laws, we planned to monitor their implementation. In addition, information appears in the media about the continuing threats to involve children in deadly games through instant messengers, as well as trends in the appointment of suspended sentences or termination of criminal cases," said the vice speaker State Duma.

According to Yarovaya, today it is necessary to give not a superficial and emotional assessment, but to analyze the practice of applying legislation on identifying "death groups" in order to increase the effectiveness of the activities of authorized bodies and legal institutions to protect the life and health of children, to identify the reasons that contribute to the commission of such crimes. and taking measures to protect children from the supervisors of "death groups".

"Therefore, I sent requests to the General Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs - in order to obtain data on law enforcement practice, the Supreme Court - on judicial practice, the Investigative Committee - on investigative practice, and to Roskomnadzor to analyze the practice of identifying and suppressing the activities of death groups on the Internet, TOR networks and in other information and telecommunication networks, "the deputy chairman of the lower chamber said.

As Yarovaya added, the data obtained will be of great practical importance both in the activities of law enforcement officers and courts, and in the further development of legislation and the formation of measures for the prevention and protection of children.

The deputy also proposed to discuss the information received at the site of the expert council on improving legislation in the field of ensuring the safety of children and creating a friendly and comfortable environment for their life and development.

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