Ksenia Alferova Shared Her Naughty Baby Photo

Ksenia Alferova Shared Her Naughty Baby Photo
Ksenia Alferova Shared Her Naughty Baby Photo

Video: Ksenia Alferova Shared Her Naughty Baby Photo

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She starred for the cover of a popular magazine.


Russian theater and film actress, TV presenter Ksenia Alferova grew up in a creative atmosphere. Famous artists Irina Alferova and Alexander Abdulov doted on their little girl. Of course, there has always been close attention to the star family. Fans were eagerly awaiting new shots and interviews with the actors. Ksenia was also a favorite of the public. The star decided to show her naughty childhood photo, which became the cover of a popular magazine in the USSR.

It's a girl, me! that makes me happy that this girl in me continues to live and feel great. I have always loved hooligans and hooligans such as Pippi!) I remember this sunny day in the park with my mother in the company of a talented and kind photographer and documentary filmmaker Tofik Shakhverdiyev!

- noted the celebrity.

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“It's great that you, Ksenia, keep this perky little girl in yourself to this day”, “Such a beautiful girl !! Now, of course, she is also a beauty, but this girl is a real doll !!”,“What are you, Ksyushenka, beautiful and mischievous, really like Peppy”,“Ksenia.. You are lovely !!!! "," The girl is a miracle !!! "," Wonderful photo, full of joy, I smile back "," Well, what a sweetheart !!! Happy childhood,”the audience comments on Instagram.

By the way, the father of the star is the Bulgarian diplomat Boyko Gyurov. However, Ksenia considers Alexander Abdulov to be her dad. The actor adopted her almost immediately, as soon as he married Irina Alferova.

Recall that Ksenia gave her famous parents her only granddaughter. In April 2007, baby Evdokia was born. The girl's father is actor Yegor Beroev, with whom the artist has been officially married since 2001.

By the way, Alexander Abdulov passed away on January 3, 2008. The artist has a daughter from his second marriage, Eugene. The girl was born on March 21, 2007.

Photo, video: Instagram @ksenialferova

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