Mother Echidna: Dubious Life Hacks For Tired Parents

Mother Echidna: Dubious Life Hacks For Tired Parents
Mother Echidna: Dubious Life Hacks For Tired Parents

Video: Mother Echidna: Dubious Life Hacks For Tired Parents

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Raising children is hard work, so you need to be creative about it. Parents on the Internet share very non-standard, but ingenious childcare tricks that you will probably want to repeat. One father propped a bunch of bananas on a baby bottle to give his hand a rest. Another mother put a mirror by the stairs so that she could watch the children without straining. And one soldier made an impromptu cradle out of a dumbbell and body armor.


You can feed your baby without straining.

The child is happy to ride, while the lawn is mowing.

A way to keep your child in one place while you cook.

You can swing the child on a swing and drink beer in the sun at the same time.

Playpens are not just for children.

Alternative use of body armor.

Multitasking is when you take a child and a basket of clothes for washing to the right room.

"This is our T-shirt for reconciliation." It is unlikely that the children are satisfied with such a forced closeness, but the parents were able to breathe easy.

This girl was convinced that cleaning is a fun game. A classic trick by Tom Sawyer.

A way to wear a car seat.

The mother of this baby, in line to see the doctor, found a free nanny for him - a round table from which one cannot get out.

It looks like an ordinary decor item, but in fact it is a spy mirror for spying on children.

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Source: Daily Mail

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