Everything You Need To Know About Flying With A Child

Everything You Need To Know About Flying With A Child
Everything You Need To Know About Flying With A Child

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Free ticket or discount


A child under 2 years old can fly in Russia for free, sitting on your lap. When flying abroad, you will have to pay a fuel surcharge and a boarding pass. For 1 adult - 1 child. If there are two kids under 2 years old, the second will have to buy a seat and install on it OWN car seat measuring no more than 40x40 cm. If the child is older, he needs to buy a separate seat. But on such tickets, when flying in Russia, there is a discount of up to 25%, and abroad - up to 50% (depending on the airline and tariff).


In some large planes (such as Boeing 777 and 767, Airbus 330 and 340), babies weighing up to 11 kg are given a cradle or a special hammock. They are attached to the wall in front of the front row seat, so the parent must be given a seat there. But, again, you need to book a cradle and a seat by calling the airline, and as soon as possible - even 36 hours before departure, there may no longer be free.

Baggage per child

Even if the baby is only 2 weeks old, he is entitled to a suitcase weighing up to 10 kg. But keep in mind: the sum of the dimensions (length, width and height) should be within 115 cm. You can take bottles with baby food or formula with you on the plane, but with a volume of up to 100 ml.

Carriage of your own stroller or free rental at the airport

If you are flying with your own stroller and plan to check it in, the weight must be less than 20 kg. You will also have to remove all the original packaging. They will only be allowed into the salon with a light cane weighing up to 4.5 kg - the stewardess will take it from the gangway.

Some airports provide temporary strollers free of charge for children under 5 years old. For example, since 2016, such a service has been available at Vnukovo (the transfer hall of Terminal A). Regarding other airports, you need to clarify this point in advance.

Seats near and at the beginning of the salon

If you can't check in online and choose good seats, call the airline in advance. For an adult and a child who does not fly on his knees, adjacent seats in the front rows will be secured in advance.

Children food

It is too late to inform the flight attendant during the flight that the baby needs a special meal. You need to order and clarify the cost at least 36 hours in advance by calling the airline. For example, this service is free on Aeroflot and Aurora flights lasting 3 hours or more and Russia flights lasting 4 hours or more. And in S7 they will require an additional payment of 150 rubles.

Meals for babies under one year old usually include a roll, fruit and vegetable purees, milk or juice. And just for children - vegetable cuts, boiled meat with a side dish (most often with pasta), a roll and a chocolate bar.

Mother and child room

You can stay there not only with babies. The room is available for pregnant women for a period of 20 weeks (upon presentation of an exchange card), and for parents with children under 7 years old (up to 14 - for children with disabilities). You can stay there up to 24 hours.

Such rooms are usually of superior comfort, for example, in Sheremetyevo there is a kitchen with a microwave oven, a refrigerator and a cooler, a bedroom with sofas and baby cots, a play area and a shower. True, they are allowed to shower only with their own personal hygiene products and a towel.

Out of line service

You have the right not to queue for your boarding pass. Passengers with children are usually checked in separately, at business class counters. Persuasion and name are not everywhere, but you can approach and clarify this point yourself.

Pleasant flight!

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