How To Make Traveling With Your Child A Joy

How To Make Traveling With Your Child A Joy
How To Make Traveling With Your Child A Joy

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Modern parents do not like to stay on maternity leave for a long time and limit themselves in some way. The latter also applies to travel: despite all the troubles, young mothers and fathers still make a choice in favor of new experiences and calmly relate to the forced inconveniences, which, however, will soon be forgotten too. The main thing is to choose the right stroller. What should it be?


Super light



Comfortable for the baby

Several flights with Aeroflot and S7 have already helped find a favorite - the Bugaboo Ant. The compact novelty of the brand, which weighs only 7.2 kg, easily folds up and fits on the luggage rack - now there is no waiting for delivery from the flight attendant or from the luggage strap. The Bugaboo Ant transforms into a 55 x 38 x 23 cm suitcase with castors and a handle in a couple of easy steps. In the "luggage" mode it is convenient to roll it with one hand, in other situations, without moving long distances by plane or train, transportation will also not cause problems. Even in the trunk of a car, the stroller takes up a minimum of space.

The Bugaboo Ant has a reclining seat that is fully adaptable to the child. The adjustable backrest will allow you to find a suitable position for your baby (sitting, reclining or completely horizontal), and the ergonomic design will provide him with comfort on the road. The Bugaboo Ant can carry babies from birth to 22 kg. Like other Bugaboo models, the Ant has four-wheel suspension. On trips out of town or abroad, when you want to turn off the beaten path for new experiences, parents will appreciate it.

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