First Flight With A Toddler: What You Need To Know

First Flight With A Toddler: What You Need To Know
First Flight With A Toddler: What You Need To Know

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MOSCOW, December 27 - RIA Novosti. Many Russians are planning to fly to another region of Russia for the New Year and Christmas holidays or go on a foreign tour. For some young mums and dads, flying with a small child will be the first. There are several important rules that will help make the flight with your baby more comfortable. In addition, there are benefits for families with children. Feedback from passengers in social networks, analysis of proposals from a number of major air carriers allowed us to draw some conclusions and offer simple but useful advice.

Plan and inquire about the plane

New Year is a family holiday, plan it in advance, as you make plans to buy various New Year's "sweets" and gifts for your loved ones. Air travel is no exception. A properly planned and organized flight on an airplane will pass quite comfortably, without spoiling the holiday mood for you or other passengers. The Aeroflot contact center suggested that we should not forget about the “rule of thirty-six hours”. This is the deadline set for booking a baby bassinet if your child is no more than a year old and weighs no more than 11 kilograms. Most liners have a special cradle mount.

It is located on the partition dividing the aircraft cabins. A seat next to the carrycot attachment can only be obtained at the airport check-in counter upon check-in. There is one "but": such a partition is not present in every liner. The layout of your particular liner can be suggested by the operator of the carrier's contact center.

Young mothers who share their experience of caring for babies on the babyblog are advised to choose the time of departure for the part of the day when your baby is used to sleeping the deepest sleep. However, such successful coincidences do not always happen, therefore, be fully armed, take everything you need with you, prepare to the maximum.

What to take on board

First of all, don't forget about diapers, wipes and diapers. There should be no problems with where and on what to swaddle a child on board. At the same Aeroflot, for example, changing tables are in the toilet stalls and are marked with a special sign. Other large air carriers have similar adaptations.

Just in case, you need to take a first aid kit. For a kid (as well as for any adult), the first flight can be a real challenge, especially if it takes place in areas of high turbulence.

Karina Antonova, a young mother, a member of the ru-travel blog, described her "travel kit" that helped her out on flights with a baby in her arms: "Hygiene products, a first aid kit, hanging rattles, a portable mattress, a pillow, a blanket, water for a child (she and the bottles with the mixture are now allowed to be brought into the salon); sling. Take also light sheets so that you can close the baby. I pulled them over the seats so that the light would not hit the eyes. I need spare clothes for the baby, you can also spare for yourself grab a T-shirt. You never know what - for example ".

Blogger mothers are also advised to have on hand special bags or ordinary oilcloths for bedding on the changing table or, if a "child's surprise" happened when, say, the child was on his knees. And one more piece of advice from experienced family travelers: if your wallet is tight and you are flying far away, do not be stingy to buy another seat next to you and place a baby cradle-car seat in it. But keep in mind: any chair will not fit, the product must have a special marking confirming its suitability for air transport. And when the child is sitting on your lap, do not forget about the special child safety belt.However, the flight attendants will bring it to you anyway.

Many people wonder what to do with a stroller? Suppose a mother is traveling alone with her child. Luggage in hand, as well as documents, tickets and a mobile phone, where can we go without it - after all, an urgent need to put a like to a friend. Then you can't do without a stroller. Participants of the LiveJournal blog ru-travel say that there is such an opportunity: you can get to the gangway right from the stroller, the movers will pick it up and transfer it to the luggage compartment. By the way, some folding-type strollers can be carried into the salon, but this, again, must be clarified in advance in the carrier's contact center. Of course, a baby stroller is transported in excess of the baggage allowance and free of charge, but the S7 rules, for example, state that it must not exceed certain dimensions.

Aeroflot has no size restrictions, but the stroller must be marked with a special "Delivery at Aircraft" tag during check-in. By the way, if you are transporting a stroller without a child, you will have to pay for it as baggage.

Baby food and entertainment

Most major airlines provide special baby food, which must also be ordered in advance. For example, at Aeroflot - no later than 36 hours before departure. On flights longer than 3 hours, this company offers two types of balanced meals tailored to the needs of children - baby food for infants and a baby kit for children over 2 years of age.

But young mothers are advised unanimously not to rely entirely on carriers in this matter and be sure to take their own food, because every baby has taste preferences and habits.

How and with what can you entertain a child in flight? In addition to the already mentioned rattles, there are many other options to keep your baby busy and allow yourself to take a nap. For children from 3 to 11 years old, Aeroflot gives a children's kit, which contains coloring books and pencils. Also on board you can watch cartoons and children's films, listen to audio books, music and play computer games. And here's a life hack from the "experienced": take on board a new toy that the child has not yet seen. Then all attention will be given to her.

And in conclusion, a few words about the formalities: tickets, documents, tariffs. Now in Russia on domestic flights, the main document for a child is a birth certificate. On a foreign flight, it is required that the baby has a passport. Moreover, from any age. Even a baby should have it. Without a seat on domestic flights, the ticket is free of charge. Aeroflot offers a 90% discount on international flights. Well, if you nevertheless decide to buy a ticket for a child with a separate seat, the discount on transportation can be up to 50%, depending on the applicable fare.

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