Hockey Players Of Gazpromneft-Orenburg Arranged A New Year On Ice For Children

Hockey Players Of Gazpromneft-Orenburg Arranged A New Year On Ice For Children
Hockey Players Of Gazpromneft-Orenburg Arranged A New Year On Ice For Children

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Video: Hockey Kids on Ice 2019 (Long version) 2023, January

Orenburg oilmen held another event as part of the Affordable Sport charitable campaign with the support of the Native Towns social investment program. This time, Gazpromneft-Orenburg volunteers invited children from the Solar Circle Center for the Development of Children with Disabilities to the skating rink.


The ice skating master class was held in the ice palace in the village of Prigorodny, Orenburg region. The children, together with their parents and relatives, mastered the skill of ice skating, and the hockey players of the Gazpromneft-Orenburg team - Steppe Hawks - helped them in this. Before the start of the event, all children were given skates and uniforms. After the formation, the hockey players helped the children get up on skates and taught them simple movements on the ice. 12 children from 13 to 18 years old took part in the master class.

“I have only positive emotions from the action, and the delight of the children is simply impossible to convey in words. The most difficult thing for some of the guys was to overcome their fear of taking their first steps on the ice. But we dealt with it together. The boy I taught to skate showed great interest in the lessons and showed good learning ability. If you still work with him, he will most likely be able to skate independently in the future,”says Alexander Savinov, an athlete-volunteer, head of the drilling waste disposal and remediation group.

“For children with developmental disabilities, these activities are especially useful, they help to make their movements more coordinated. The effect is noticeable after the first master class: children not only began to feel freer, but also to move more correctly. Many of the guys are physically ready to go in for sports, they just need to be pushed, given the right direction. We are grateful to Gazpromneft-Orenburg for this action and look forward to further cooperation,”says Nadezhda Primakova, director of the Center for the Development of Children with Disabilities“Solnechny Krug”.

“Children with Down syndrome have poorly developed vestibular apparatus, and from a therapy point of view, this is the best lesson in correcting it. At first, many children were afraid to get up on skates, and then they did not want to leave the ice. We did not expect such a result, we are very surprised and satisfied. The guys are physically very developed, and physiotherapy exercises for them consists exclusively in posture correction and prevention,”said Anastasia Koryakova, coach-teacher of the Center“Solar Circle”.

Supporting people with disabilities and improving their quality of life is one of the main activities of Gazpromneft-Orenburg. The Affordable Sport campaign was conceived to support families with children with special needs. Earlier, within its framework, master classes in football and volleyball have already been held.

Vladimir Yarkin, captain of the Steppe Hawks team:

“The idea to put“sunny”children on skates belongs to the corporate communications department of Gazpromneft-Orenburg. Colleagues have already conducted similar classes for children in football and volleyball, now we give children the opportunity to prove themselves on the ice. When our hockey team was offered to take part in the project, we supported this idea. This is an excellent and very kind project, and we were sincerely happy to participate in it."

Alexander Cherkasov, Head of the Corporate Communications Department, Gazpromneft-Orenburg:

“The company is actively developing corporate volunteering.More than 10% of Gazpromneft-Orenburg employees regularly take part in volunteer campaigns and become their initiators, and the company always supports such necessary and important social initiatives."

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