Diana Arbenina: "Motherhood Made Me Much Softer And More Sentimental"

Diana Arbenina: "Motherhood Made Me Much Softer And More Sentimental"
Diana Arbenina: "Motherhood Made Me Much Softer And More Sentimental"

Video: Diana Arbenina: "Motherhood Made Me Much Softer And More Sentimental"

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Video: Диана Арбенина. Ночные Снайперы - Авиарежим (Премьера клипа) 2023, January

This star mom is not a timid one. It is enough to listen to the songs of Diana Arbenina and the Night Snipers group, as well as to see with what feeling she fulfills the mission of a jury member on the You are super! on NTV.


In the midst of the project "You are super!" editor of "Letidora" Tatiana Silina came to the studio of the rock group "Night Snipers", where its leader Diana Arbenina held a master class for the participants of the music competition.

During the break, Diana told our readers about the difficult refereeing on the project, expressed her attitude to children's competitions and speculated about the future of her own children.

Diana, I know many famous people (moreover, parents) who do not want to take part in any projects related to children, they say, it is difficult and too energy-consuming. How did you decide on this?

Of course, it is not easy to participate in such projects. I’ll say more: it’s a real challenge for me, because evaluating children is heartbreaking. The last thing I want to do is when I see a child on stage. Although, I must admit, many guys demonstrate almost adult professionalism. They are not only talented, but sometimes they will be morally stronger than us, because they have experienced a lot and understand life well.

I came to the project because I want to look for new artists, I feel stifling from the lack of young fresh faces on the stage.

If I help at least one child to find their way in creativity - it's not in vain.

Moreover, we recently completed the construction of a "sniper" studio, that is, there will be an opportunity to help with the recording.

I remember, in an interview with Letidor, a member of the jury of the You are super! Dancing”Anastasia Zavorotnyuk said that she was studying the heroes' files. Are you preparing for filming in a special way?

You can leave your soul on this project! In fact, this is all very complicated. But I do not carry out any direct special training with the study of the dossier, the schedule is so tight that it is impossible to do this. There is only here and now: here is a child, here is the music that he performs, and my assessment of his work.

Despite all the difficulties in their lives, these children do not need and do not want indulgence, it is impossible to deceive them at all.

"You are super!" is a very sincere project.

How did Marta and Artem react to the news that their mother will take part in the You are super! Project?

Artem and Marta are engaged in creativity themselves, and therefore it is very interesting for them to observe their peers. Together we watch the releases of the program with pleasure, discuss them, and they share their impressions.

I don’t ask for advice - mine, in comparison with the guys from "You are super!", Are still so small and domestic.

Have you ever had a mentoring experience? Are you not afraid to take responsibility?

A large team is working under my leadership, I have two children - do you think I am afraid to take responsibility?

As for mentoring, yes, in 2011 I worked in the Voice project in Kiev, where there were a lot of talented guys. I remember this experience with great pleasure. My students are making progress now. Listen to the wonderful Lika Bugaeva, and everything will become obvious to you.

But these are adults, and these are children. Do you think participation in contests is more beneficial or harmful for the child?

An artist's work is not sugar. And, in fact, not only talent is important, but also character, the ability to get together and perform in such a way as to light up the hall so that no one understands that you have not had enough sleep, that you are worried or tired after the flight.

Competitions are a kind of strength test.

The main thing is not to drag anyone by the ears, not to put your parental ambitions above the abilities and desires of the child himself. Then there will be no harm from this.

I watched the previous seasons "You are super!" and “You're super! Dancing”and noted that the jury members very often praise the guys - even, it would seem, sometimes excessively. What kind of jury member are you - do you only praise on business or do not skimp on good words?

I try to be a strict mother, but children make ropes out of me, that's a fact. In general, motherhood has changed me a lot, made me much softer, more sentimental, now it is very easy to touch me. And I never regret kind words for anyone.

Yes, there should be some kind of framework, notions of good and bad when we bring up children. But overpraising, overlooking, I think, is impossible. Therefore, on the project, I can hardly be called a harsh judge.

Visually, you give the impression of a very strict and strong-willed person, a perfectionist. Is it easy for the children from the project to find a common language with you?

Well, first of all, I'm not a cruel person by nature. It does not even occur to me to assert myself on this project. My task is "You are super!" to be not a strict teacher, but a mentor and friend. I am a very sociable person, a mom with experience, so I think the guys from the project get along well.

Moreover, the project fascinated me very much.

And when I am carried away by something in life, I forget about everything else, I completely surrender myself to it - I have no half measures.

This, by the way, is not always good, because first of all I should be interested and only this should obey everything.

Children with a difficult fate are taking part in this project. Do you think it is necessary for children to be told about what life is like, and maybe even to show it, or is it better not to injure them ahead of time?

Yes, I think children need to be taught about the harsh reality of life. We recently went to the Children's World for toys, and there was a volunteer with a basket, who asked to buy something for a child from a poor family. We chose a jumpsuit and put it in the basket. I say to Marta and Tema: “You see, not everyone is as lucky as you. You have come for toys, and someone has nothing to wear. Many children are unlucky, maybe we can save someone?"

Recently, we have been watching adult films with them, discussing some stories, plots. They saw my Instagram video dedicated to teenagers with a difficult, tragic fate. And I, too, in their simple childish language, explained why this happened.

Mentor of the project "You are super!" from the previous season of the project Sergey Lazarev admitted in an interview with "Letidor" that he manages to evaluate the talents of his own son not as a dad, but as a professional. Do you manage to “turn mom off” when it comes to assessing your children's talent?

For me, the most important thing is that children grow up to be good, decent people, with the right guidelines, with the understanding that it is important to have their favorite business in life. This is where I put the most effort.

But, of course, when the little ones suddenly began to sing my songs, it was impossible to “turn off my mother” here.

In February, your guys turned 9 years old. You posted a video on your Instagram where Marta said that she wanted to become an architect, and Artem - a surgeon. Where did they get such dreams?

They are now such an age that plans change every day. Of course, children grow up in a musical environment. I rarely take them with me to concerts, but they spend a lot of time in the studio and, in principle, from birth they observe my entire creative life. All this, of course, is interesting to them, and I do not forbid to study and be interested in music. But I show that there are other interesting things in life.

Once you said: "The main thing is not to give a guitar in your hands." Why? Wouldn't you like for the children of the future on stage? But they took part in your concert at the Olimpiyskiy.

It was interesting for them to ride on the flying bridge in Olimpiyskiy. And, of course, they were imbued with the importance of the moment.

If children want to go to the stage at a conscious age, please, I will prompt, support, teach. But I will not drag by the ears in any case.

The path of an artist is very difficult, and I will tell them this.Even one song is very exciting, very responsible, you give a lot of energy and emotions. Anyone who goes on stage will confirm this to you.

Photo: press service of Diana Arbenina

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