Paternal Capital Will Be Introduced In The Ulyanovsk Region From 2021

Paternal Capital Will Be Introduced In The Ulyanovsk Region From 2021
Paternal Capital Will Be Introduced In The Ulyanovsk Region From 2021

Video: Paternal Capital Will Be Introduced In The Ulyanovsk Region From 2021

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MOSCOW, November 2. / TASS /. The father's capital for dads with many children will be introduced in the Ulyanovsk region as early as next year. This was announced on Monday by the governor of the region Sergei Morozov, speaking at the plenary session of the final forum "Community".

Morozov announced the introduction in the region of the paternal family capital at the birth of the third and subsequent children in the family in his first demographic message, which took place in September.

"Starting next year, we have begun preparing for the implementation of the priority regional project" Large Region "within the framework of the father's family capital," he said. As TASS clarified in the press service of the government of the Ulyanovsk region, at the moment, proposals are being prepared for the implementation of this support measure so that it can start earning from 2021.

Speaking about the main areas of support for demography in the region, Morozov noted that a large project is being implemented in the region aimed at supporting measures that provide families with confidence in the future. In particular, the head of the region highlighted the creation of conditions for good reproductive health of women, the material well-being of the family, the quality, availability and safety of various family services, as well as social protection of large families at the legislative level.

“In addition, it is finally necessary to finally introduce the so-called maternal salary for the birth and upbringing of the fourth and subsequent children, I think this is a very important decision, which has been discussed for many years. A special direction is the development of kindergartens of various formats and various forms of ownership, because today not as much attention is paid to this process as we would like, "emphasized Morozov.

According to the governor, this year there are already more than 13 thousand large families in the region, while the number of large young families is growing. "Demography is a key indicator of the effectiveness of the management system and the quality of life. We need to use all the reserves and all the opportunities, even the smallest ones, because now we are beginning to hear again: is this an effective support measure or ineffective? If ineffective or insufficiently affects birth, then let's cancel it. There is no need to cancel anything, everything must act, "he stressed.

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