Sergey Lazarev Showed How He Has Fun With His Son And Daughter

Sergey Lazarev Showed How He Has Fun With His Son And Daughter
Sergey Lazarev Showed How He Has Fun With His Son And Daughter

Video: Sergey Lazarev Showed How He Has Fun With His Son And Daughter

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Video: Сергей Лазарев. Eurovision Village behind the scenes. 19.05.2021г 2023, January

The artist interrupted the tour due to the coronavirus.


The famous singer Sergei Lazarev is raising two children. His five-year-old son Nikita and one-year-old daughter Anna are growing up. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the artist had to postpone many concerts. The singer tries not to panic. Moreover, the interrupted tour allowed him to return home to the children. He has fun with the kids. Sergey Lazarev shared a cute family video on his personal blog.

We must try to look for pluses in everything! Such a forced temporary stop in the concert schedule due to the threat of the spread of the virus is a great opportunity to spend more time with your family! Play, read, watch movies! Let's turn off Panic already. We drive ourselves into depression

- says the artist.

“I am also susceptible to this, but we need someone to give a psychological slap on the head in time (I have such people too) in order to think positively! May I become such a person for you who will make you come to your senses and make you think positively by sharing my positive! Be happy! And don't get sick! ️ ️ ️ "- said the singer.

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We will remind, for the first time the face of his son Sergei Lazarev showed on December 31, 2017 on his page on Instagram. Up to this point, the singer even sometimes had to rent hotel rooms under false names so that Nikita could visit him during his tour. The artist did not hide his daughter for so long. Sergei Lazarev told about her on the air of the "Secret to a Million" program.

By the way, when an artist is on tour, nannies and the singer's mother spend time with his children. Valentina Lazareva told how her stellar son changed with the advent of the heirs.

I help Seryozha with them, although he is a wonderful dad and does an excellent job himself, he will never ask me for anything again. Maybe change the diaper and cook the food … Of course, the children changed it. He became even more responsible, an adult. Always in a hurry to go home, son and daughter come first. And I admire watching their relationship

- admitted the mother of Sergei Lazarev.

Photo, video: Instagram @lazarevsergey

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