The Final Of The Military-sports Game "Victory" Will Be Held In The Patriot Park

The Final Of The Military-sports Game "Victory" Will Be Held In The Patriot Park
The Final Of The Military-sports Game "Victory" Will Be Held In The Patriot Park

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- Last year, 63 teams participated in the game, this year there are already 85 teams from all regions of the country. An atmosphere will be created in the Patriot park that will evoke special feelings and emotions in the children, which will help them think in the right direction, to solve the competition tasks within the framework of the game,”Slesarenko emphasized.


According to her, the competition program is represented by six disciplines. And the competition itself will be organized in the area where a large-scale military-historical reconstruction "Storming Berlin" took place last year. In addition, one of the stages of the game will take place in the "Partisan Village" in the form of interactive test tasks, which were developed jointly with the Ministry of Education. "This year the tasks of the competition will not be traditional - for knowledge of history, names, some dates, but for logic, actions and decision-making in various non-standard situations," Slesarenko noted.

Participants in the military-sports game "Victory" were Yunarmeys and candidates for members of the movement, cadets, members of military-patriotic clubs and representatives of youth organizations. This year, more than 136 thousand people took part in the municipal stages of the game, and about 15 thousand at the regional level. The qualifying competitions were organized on the basis of military-patriotic education centers, schools, military units and training grounds for military districts.

Slesarenko also said that from July 29 to August 12, in parallel with the competitions of military personnel at the International Army Games, contests for children and adolescents will be held. “At all competitions of the International Army Games-2018, youth army stages will be held. Regions have been offered 20 competitions, everything has been agreed,” she added. “Of course, we will not hold“Tank Biathlon”among children. shooting, dog-biathlon Our youth soldiers will be experts at the "Field Kitchen" competition.

The military-sports game "Victory", according to Slesarenko, in 2019 may become international. Military attaches from the CIS countries have been invited to the final of this game, they will be shown both competitive tests for children and the Patriot park. "We hope that we will be able to offer to hold a similar game next year in Kazakhstan. This will be the same qualifying stage as in Russia, and the final will be held in our country with the participation of the winning team from Kazakhstan," Slesarenko clarified.

In turn, Major General Sergei Poletuchiy, Deputy Head of the Main Directorate for Personnel Relations, noted that the idea of ​​involving foreign teams in the Victory game is "very promising and important." "And the fact that we invite military attaches to the final stage of the game shows its unique capabilities. We will try to attract our colleagues from various countries as much as possible," the general said.

According to Poletuchy, the military-sports game "Victory" is an excellent opportunity for the younger generation to study the history of Russia and its Armed Forces. In the Patriot park, children, among other things, will be able to look at a unique exposition of weapons and military equipment.

The general recalled that the Yunarmiya movement has acquired a massive character today, with about 250,000 children and adolescents from eight to 18 years of age in its ranks. "They are in demand, acquire new skills and knowledge. Young patriots are active: they have visited the Caucasus mountains, managed to visit the North Pole, participate in memory watches in their regions, support veterans, collect humanitarian aid for schoolchildren in Syria," Poletuchy said.

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