Childbirth By Choice: Famous Mothers Give Birth At Home

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Childbirth By Choice: Famous Mothers Give Birth At Home
Childbirth By Choice: Famous Mothers Give Birth At Home

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Pregnancy is not a disease, but it does not always go smoothly, so the issue of obstetrics remains extremely important for women living in anticipation of a miracle. Experienced doctors and "Schools of expectant mothers" come to the rescue at antenatal clinics, advice from "experienced" and relatives. Everything is so, but in the national health care system, the issue of psychological support for the future mother is reduced to a formal survey that does not provide for sentimental conversations about feelings. Doctors would have time to deal with the endless stream of pregnant women, and feelings are for the home. Therefore, many women began to choose home birth.


And assistants with an exotic name - "doula" are also involved in the process. Why home birth is popular, who is a doula and how she can help a woman during a difficult period of waiting for a baby, we find out together with MedAboutMe on the international wonderful holiday - Mother's Day.

Home birth: smart or risky?

Why do women choose home birth? After all, the main thing in childbirth is the health and safety of both the woman in labor and the baby. This can be ensured in a maternity hospital, where there are qualified specialists and the necessary medications.

All true, but for some reason many women prefer home birth.

The reasons are as follows:

fear of unprofessionalism; negative experience of previous childbirth; emergency cases; the woman prefers non-interference in the natural process.

The birth of a child is accompanied by pain and women endure it in different ways, but at home, as you remember, "and the walls help." However, one should not forget that in the Russian Federation, only a stationary institution, that is, a maternity hospital, can obtain a license for the "obstetrics" service.

There are dangers of home birth and should not be ignored. Moreover, world statistics confirm: childbirth at home increases the risk of death of the baby and the occurrence of complications at least twice.

The Duchess of Cambridge broke with the tradition of the royal family and did not agree to give birth at Buckingham Palace. Prince William's wife went to give birth to heirs in the private department of St. Mary's Hospital in London, and even refused anesthesia.

Opponents of home births are unanimous in their protests: you cannot risk the life of another (not yet born) person on your own whim, because you will not be able to buy professionalism and high-quality delivery support “home”.

And also, you can listen to the "stars" who gave birth to their offspring in Russia and not at home.

For example, Tutta Larsen (Tatiana Romanenko), a well-known journalist, TV presenter and singer.

For her, the main factor is the competence of doctors. Tatyana's two children were born in the oldest maternity hospital in Moscow No.15, which is on Sharikopodshipnikovskaya. Especially the actress and TV presenter liked the fact that in the maternity hospital the expectant mother has the opportunity to decide for herself how her baby will be born - in a bathtub with water, in an armchair or on a bed. This became possible due to the participation of the medical institution in the program "Soft childbirth". Tutta planned to give birth to a third child in the same hospital, but labor began so quickly that she had to call the midwife home.

Lisichkina Natalia, pediatrician

Having made the decision to give birth at home, a woman chooses a very dangerous path, as she is left without medical assistance.

In case of complications during childbirth, no one can help her and her baby. Many women who decided to give birth at home say that before, everyone gave birth in the fields and everything was fine. But they do not think about what the mortality rate was, how many infectious complications took the lives of mothers and their babies.

Although childbirth is a physiological process, complications can be unpredictable, even after a normal pregnancy.And no doctor and no ultrasound machine can make a 100% prognosis, whether there will be complications.

For example, hypotonic bleeding in the postpartum period cannot be stopped on its own, it is possible only in the operating room. At home, a woman may bleed to death. No one is immune from the development of weakness in labor. It is especially dangerous when the contractions stop during the strenuous period, and the baby's head is already in the cavity of the woman's small pelvis. Urgent medical attention is needed, the bill can go on in seconds. Placental abruption may begin, which threatens with large blood loss, at least hypoxia of the baby with subsequent neurological disorders, and fetal death may also occur.

There are a lot of complications and we can talk about them for a long time. It is necessary to put on one side of the scales the life and health of the child, his own life, and on the other false conclusions about the correctness and comfort of home birth.

Currently, some women resort to assistance in childbirth, so-called doulas, which provide constant and versatile support to expectant mothers during pregnancy and childbirth. This can be beneficial for the woman in labor, but it must be remembered that the doula does not provide medical care and is not entitled to it. Therefore, inviting her home for a home birth is just as dangerous as giving birth on her own at home without medical assistance. Therefore, it is worth thinking about the health of the baby and mother before deciding on such a responsible and serious step as a home birth.

Who is "most important" in childbirth

Until pregnancy has become a fait accompli, future parents do not seriously think about it. Then comes the "period of comprehension and adaptation" to the fact. The woman and everyone around her have nine months to prepare for childbirth. Nature took this time to accept a new state and find those who will help, facilitate, calm and encourage, because a woman's life changes with the onset of pregnancy.

First, there are physical and psychological changes.

Secondly, the increased responsibility of the expectant mother makes her worry beyond measure for the upcoming event and the preservation of the baby's health throughout the entire period of the “interesting situation”.

And this will require considerable forces. A woman who has fallen into the arms of the domestic health system will have to endure a lot of checks, pass a lot of tests, answer one hundred and one questions in doctors' offices and attend a myriad of classes, “schools”, seminars and consultations until the waiting time for the appearance of a small miracle is over.

It is believed that taking care of the psychological state of a woman is her own business. Well, or her inner circle. However, the "environment", as a rule, is busy at work or other important matters and does not always have time to pay attention to changes in the mood of the future mother.

There are, of course, dads who attend the School for Young Parents with their wife. There they are taught the correct behavior of the mother during pregnancy and the gradual preparation of the father to meet the child. In these courses, as a rule, they talk about preparation and proper behavior in the case when childbirth will take place under the supervision of doctors.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited day is approaching, and rightly believing that in childbirth, she and the baby are "more important", the woman hopes for support and understanding. This is where a new old assistant appears - the doula, who for many has become just a "salvation" during pregnancy and childbirth.

How to give birth with a doula

"Doulamania" covered Russian women not so long ago, although the word "doula" is of Greek origin and in translation means - "servant-assistant". It is unlikely that modern women perceive the doul as a servant, but she will be very useful as an assistant.

What is the difference between a doula and a professional midwife?

First, she doesn't have to have a medical degree.

Secondly, the doula is primarily an assistant who cares about the woman's comfort. It helps to "enter" the right mood, to motivate that the upcoming birth of a baby will be natural, easy and joyful.

Doula does not perform medical manipulations and does not have the right to give medical advice and make responsible decisions. Doula is forbidden to speak up and direct the process. Her task is to be around and help the expectant mother to stock up on useful knowledge, but nothing more. Doula as a woman will be able to better cope with emerging nuances, owning her own experience.

Whether she needs such a companion-assistant throughout the pregnancy, the woman decides on her own.

Who is better to choose and take with you to the hospital, only a woman knows. Men, as experience shows, do not always cope with the load in the delivery room. Doula may well come in handy in case of an inadequate reaction of the husband to what he saw during the birth of the baby - “organize” ammonia in case of special sensitivity or offer tea.

Have you decided to invite a doula? It doesn't hurt to learn more about her.

There are professional doula associations in many countries of the world, and in Russia such an association has been operating since 2015.

Feel free to ask the doula about anything that interests you: education, experience, references. After all, doula services are not free and you have every right to know what knowledge and experience you are buying. Experienced mothers advise to conclude a contract with a doula, where everything that you require and expect from cooperation with the doula will be spelled out. It is important to come to an agreement "on the shore" before labor begins.

Provide yourself with "insurance" in the form of an additional doula, that is, another person who will be able to perform similar functions in the event that "your" doula will be in other genera or you simply "do not get along in character."

According to the law, a woman can take an accompanying person with her for a free delivery. Who it will be - a doula, a husband or a close friend, only the woman in labor herself decides.

Find out in advance if there is a maternity hospital in your city where a doula is allowed to attend childbirth and feel free to go to give birth with an assistant.

Home childbirth - "safety net" state

In many countries of the world, home births are organized and licensed by the state. Each state in the United States has special authorities that have the authority to issue licenses for home births.

In the Netherlands, approximately 30% of births take place at home, but home births will not begin until licensed professionals confirm that the woman is healthy and the fetus is developing without complications.

The “safety net” of women who have decided to give birth at home goes abroad at all stages, since this is no longer a private problem of a woman in labor.

To ensure the safety of mom and baby, you must:

obtain permission from licensed professionals; pass exams and receive a diploma; behind every person who comes to a woman's house to help with home childbirth, there is a state in the "image" of a maternity hospital, whose specialists are ready to help with any complications.

The Australian actress Teresa Palmer, doctors managed to provide the necessary help when she, who chose home birth, began complications. Now the star mother is safely raising her son Bodi, but she always remembers the ambulance doctors with gratitude.

Famous mothers who gave birth at home

Many stars of show business became mothers at home, but they all enlisted the support of specialists in advance and provided conditions for emergency assistance if necessary.

Alanis Morissette, singer

My son was born in the parental home, which I am very happy about. My family was around me and the feeling of security helped me. However, I nevertheless invited a doula to give birth, which helped me a lot. In addition, we agreed in advance about the presence of a midwife and prudently phoned the specialists at the clinic. They were ready to help at any time after labor began.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford supports the idea of ​​home birth. Cindy herself gave birth to children at home with the help of a midwife and nurse.

Russian actress Tarkhanova gave birth according to the principle "where I want, I give birth there." The first child of Glafira was born in the hospital, but the second and third time the birth of the actress took place at home. A mother with many children assures that a woman needs a comfortable environment during this difficult process, which, according to the film star, cannot be created in a hospital.

American Maria Elaina Bello has successfully freed herself from the burden at home. Son Jackson was born in a calm home environment. This gave the actress a reason to say that she even imagines how to give birth to a child in a sterile hospital environment in every sense.

Actress Gaby Hoffman not only gave birth at home, but also invited a doula to help. The main thing, according to Gaby, is for the doula to say “You can do it!” In time, to support and help the woman.

Soul singer Erika Badu gave birth at home three times. Commenting on her home birth, Erica said that the main thing is preparation, since the whole life of the expectant mother is subordinated to the diet, her mood, her energy and psychological preparation for the appearance of the baby.

The actress of the sitcom "Ellen" Joely Fisher chose a home birth, surrounded by family and friends.

TV star Ricky Lake helped to make a movie about this important event in her life.

Two star moms preferred to give birth at home and in the water - Gisele Bundchen and Pamela Anderson. Both gave birth to their children surrounded by relatives. Giselle used special breathing techniques, and Pamela provided herself with the help of a midwife and a doula.

Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly also gave birth to her third child at home. The husband supported the actress in every possible way and was present at the birth.

Many Russian celebrities prefer a hospital-like home atmosphere. Among the singer - Makarova, Zvereva, Selikhova, actress Maria Golubkina and the wives of famous husbands - Sterligov and Gref.

The choice of a place for giving birth and the number of assistants is an important issue, but it concerns only the woman and her relatives, so she herself decides whether to give birth at home. I would like to wish all expectant mothers to give birth to children in a country where all conditions for childbirth have been created, both at home and in the hospital.

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