How Children With Allergies Eat In Kindergartens In Nizhny Novgorod

How Children With Allergies Eat In Kindergartens In Nizhny Novgorod
How Children With Allergies Eat In Kindergartens In Nizhny Novgorod

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"The availability and free of charge of preschool, basic general and secondary vocational education in state or municipal educational institutions and enterprises are guaranteed." (Constitution of the Russian Federation, article 43) But it is no secret to anyone that it is not so easy to place a child in a kindergarten. At the end of last year, the mayor of Nizhny Novgorod, Yuri Shalabayev, called the queues for preschool institutions one of the main problems of the city. According to him, at that time about 7 thousand young Nizhny Novgorod residents were not provided with places in kindergartens. It is even more difficult for parents of children who require an individual regimen or diet.

Water for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Maria's three-year-old son Maxim suffers from atopic dermatitis: the boy cannot tolerate the protein of cow's milk, eggs, chicken, fish and peanuts. It is not easy to form a healthy diet for a child with such a diagnosis, but Maria's family faced an even more serious problem when it was time for Maxim to go to kindergarten.

We were given a voucher to kindergarten, but my child cannot eat there. It is forbidden to bring food with you, - said Nizhny Novgorod.

It was not possible to find a specialized kindergarten in the Prioksky district where the family lives, and parents cannot arrange a child in a private kindergarten or take him away for lunch.

My child is now attending a regular kindergarten. He has a common table, just forbidden foods are not given to him. It looks something like this. Breakfast: all the children eat milk porridge, a sandwich with butter, a drink in milk, my child is given a roll and water. Second breakfast: dairy products, water for mine. Lunch: soup with sour cream, cutlets with eggs, maybe a side dish for me, - said Maria.

The head of the kindergarten explains this "menu" by the fact that there is one cook in the institution, who does not have time to cook separately. At the same time, the woman was not offered any discounts on food.

Are everyone equal in the kindergarten canteens?

As the news agency "In the city of N" was told in the administration of Nizhny Novgorod, meals for children in municipal kindergartens are organized according to a single city menu.

In organized children's groups, public catering for children should be carried out through the implementation of the main menu, which includes hot meals, additional meals, as well as individual menus for children who need medical and dietary nutrition [] In organized children's groups in children's organizations, the exclusion of hot meals from the menu, and also replacing it with buffet products is not allowed, - says SanPiN 2.3 / 2.4.3590-20, which entered into force in Russia from January 2021.

Food from home

According to the new sanitary rules, children can eat homemade meals prepared by their parents in a designated area. It should be equipped with tables and chairs for the number of children who eat separately, a refrigerator for storing ready meals, microwave ovens and sinks for hand washing.

Whether every kindergarten will be able to prepare such a room is an open question.

The preschool can also adjust the individual child's menu in accordance with the prescription of the attending physician provided by the parents, but it must be developed by a nutritionist

This requires health workers who do not exist. In general, the problem was solved on papers, but there are no conditions, - the interlocutor of the news agency "In the city of N" believes.

Where to open groups with a special menu

The administration of Nizhny Novgorod added that now there are no groups for children with allergic diseases in the city's kindergartens.

The city's Department of Education has developed a roadmap for organizing such groups.So, from September 2021, it is planned to open six groups in the MBDOU "Kindergarten 2" in the Avtozavodsky district, in the MBDOU "Kindergarten 69" in the Leninsky district, in the MBDOU "Kindergarten 156" in the Moscow district, in the MBDOU "Kindergarten 205" in the Prioksky district, in the MADOU "Kindergarten 441" in the Soviet district and in the MBDOU "Kindergarten 190" in the Sormovsky district. It is planned to invite nutritionists from medical organizations of the city.

For children with allergic diseases, certain conditions of stay in a preschool institution are necessary: ​​hypoallergenic life and nutrition, rehabilitation treatment and preventive measures that provide individual methods of recovery, taking into account external factors that form the body's predisposition to allergic diseases, - said in the profile department.

However, for now, parents of children requiring a special diet have to cope on their own.

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