Sergey Lazarev Told Which Of The Star Children His Son Is Friends With

Sergey Lazarev Told Which Of The Star Children His Son Is Friends With
Sergey Lazarev Told Which Of The Star Children His Son Is Friends With

Video: Sergey Lazarev Told Which Of The Star Children His Son Is Friends With

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The daughter of Ani Lorak was the first person the boy met.

The famous singer Sergei Lazarev is raising his only son, Nikita. The artist loves the boy very much and tries to protect him from unnecessary attention. For a long time, the singer generally hid that he had become a father. And he began to go out with a child recently. Sergey Lazarev did not want to introduce the kid to the world of show business ahead of time. But already in 2018, four-year-old Nikita managed to attend the birthdays of some of the stars' children and make friends with them.

For a long time I did not take him out anywhere and did not show him at public events. Perhaps, for the first time, Nikita attended the holiday of his daughter Ani Lorak and met Sofia, this is his first star friend. Then there was a party for Lisa and Harry Galkin. Before that, only in kindergarten, where there was no increased attention to him as an artist's child. After the son was still invited to Alla-Victoria's birthday, there he had already expanded his circle of acquaintances,

- said Sergey Lazarev in an interview with "Star Hit".

Note that on February 23, the star children congratulated their dads on the Defender of the Fatherland Day. For example, the daughter of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin presented her father with a poem. But the son of Sergei Lazarev handed the hand-made article to his main defender. Four-year-old Nikita made of colored paper, shells and beads designed a ship sailing on the waves.

By the way, in September 2018, the son of Sergei Lazarev went to kindergarten for the first time. Star dad shared a warm photo of his Nikita with a bouquet of flowers. Sergey Lazarev dedicated a touching post on Instagram to the child.

In kindergarten))) Kid, how quickly time flies)) you are such an adult! I will not have time to blink an eye, I will lead to grade 1) enjoy childhood, fool around, laugh, have fun, learn, do not be afraid of anything or anyone! You will succeed! I love !! ️

- the singer signed the photo with tenderness.

By the way, the star father tries to devote all his free time to his son. Therefore, the artist could not miss the New Year's party in Nikita's kindergarten. Sergey Lazarev said that his four-year-old son was seriously preparing for the performance. And the star father could not contain his emotions at the children's party.

New Year's party in Nikita's kindergarten … I'll tell you honestly, I was sitting with wet eyes, I couldn't believe that my Nick had matured so quickly … How he performed, how he prepared !! How he tried!

- Sergey Lazarev admitted.

“Honestly, this is such happiness !! I am sharing with you the most intimate, so everyone who wants to pour out bile, or make inappropriate comments - do not … go to the forest … I can watch this video for hours … Unlimited love … ", - said the singer.

Note that the artist does not take the boy on tour, and therefore sometimes he only manages to communicate with the child in between performances. But the singer always tries to do something interesting with Nikita. Recently, the star dad frolicked with the child on the playground. The singer is very glad that he has a baby.

Thanks to Nick, I often go back to my childhood and play the fool! Because a child still lives in every adult …

- Sergey Lazarev admitted.

Note that for the first time, Sergei showed the boy's face on December 31, 2017 on his Instagram page. Up to this point, the singer even sometimes had to rent hotel rooms under false names so that Nikita could visit dad during the tour.

Photo: Instagram @lazarevsergey

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