Home Disneyland, Luxury Clothing, Parties, Filming And More: How The Children Of The King Of Pop Philip Kirkorov Live

Home Disneyland, Luxury Clothing, Parties, Filming And More: How The Children Of The King Of Pop Philip Kirkorov Live
Home Disneyland, Luxury Clothing, Parties, Filming And More: How The Children Of The King Of Pop Philip Kirkorov Live

Video: Home Disneyland, Luxury Clothing, Parties, Filming And More: How The Children Of The King Of Pop Philip Kirkorov Live

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52-year-old Philip Kirkorov is not only a popular artist, but also a loving father. He has a 7-year-old son, Martin, and a daughter, Alla-Victoria, who turns 8 this year. The editorial staff of WMJ.ru tells how the singer's heirs live and what they do.


About daughter

On November 26, 2011, Philip Kirkorov, standing on the stage and holding the Golden Gramophone in his hands, said that his daughter was born. This event happened literally a few minutes before the artist was announced the winner. The girl was carried and given birth by a surrogate mother, about which Philip Kirkorov does not like to talk. As a child, Alla-Victoria attended an elite kindergarten with in-depth study of the English language, and then transferred to the preschool group of a sports school. Most of all, the girl gravitates towards dancing - she studies at the ballet school "Todes" and is already making progress in this direction.

About son

Martin-Kristin Kirkorov was born on June 29, 2012 in the United States. He, like his sister, was also tolerated by the surrogate mother. Philip Kirkorov said more than once that his son does not really like to be in the spotlight.

- said the artist to the journalists of "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Martin loves sports. He even qualified for the Barcelona football academy in Moscow.

Children's room

Philip Kirkorov turned to the Ideal Renovation program to transform the children's area in his luxurious mansion. Craftsmen designed the dry pool area, embellished the playhouses and created additional spaces. The scale of the work was enormous. The designers made a real Disneyland for Martin and Alla-Victoria, and also installed a ballet barre for the artist's daughter and a home theater. Later, in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak, the king of the Russian stage admitted that he paid for the repairs himself, and also conducted a tour of the house for the TV presenter. Ksenia was surprised when she saw a huge stage with light and music that Philip bought for children so that they could give concerts at home.


Philip Kirkorov has a disastrously busy schedule, so he does not always manage to spend a lot of time with the heirs. But the artist always takes them with him on vacation. Martin and Alla-Victoria, together with their father, have already visited Crimea, Bulgaria, France and other tourist places. The artist shared pictures with children on his Instagram.


After the release of the YouTube show of Ksenia Sobchak, fans of Philip Kirkorov saw with their own eyes his huge dressing room, the area of ​​which reaches several hundred square meters. There, the artist keeps not only concert costumes, but also things that he never wore. The love of dressing up was passed on to his children. Martin and Alla-Victoria's clothes are just as bright, colorful and expensive. From pictures on social networks, you can see that children wear only luxury clothes.

Luxury birthdays

Philip Kirkorov is not stingy when it comes to children. The artist pampers his heirs and throws them grand birthday parties. In 2018, for the 7th anniversary of Alla-Victoria, the star father ordered an event in the style of Harry Potter films, which his daughter adores so much. Invitations to the holiday were decorated in the style of the Hogwarts School of Wizardry, and when the friends of the birthday girl arrived, disguised animators and live owls were waiting for them on the site.

The holidays were no less spectacular for Martin's son. One of the parties was made in the style of the movie "Avatar". The celebration was attended by many celebrities. On another birthday, Philip Kirkorov gave his son a fairy tale in the style of Jurassic Park. An important family event took place during the tour of the king of pop in Tel Aviv.Philip congratulated his son from the stage, and then an original dinosaur cake was rolled out for the birthday boy.

By the way, on September 2, Philip Kirkorov took the children to the school line. His daughter Alla-Victoria entered the second grade, and Martin became the first grader. On social networks, the artist shared pictures of the heirs and talked about the preparations for the Day of Knowledge.

Their grandfather Bedros Kirkorov also came to support the schoolchildren.

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Photo: Instagram, Global Look Press

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