They Threw It At Random. Baby Left In A Closed Car Got Caught In The Net

They Threw It At Random. Baby Left In A Closed Car Got Caught In The Net
They Threw It At Random. Baby Left In A Closed Car Got Caught In The Net

Video: They Threw It At Random. Baby Left In A Closed Car Got Caught In The Net

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Video: 2-Year-Old Boy Who Accidentally Locked Himself Inside Car is Rescued By Cops 2023, February

On the beach in Primorye, vacationers surrounded the baby, closed all alone in a car. What to do in such cases? The ambulance and the police have expressed their readiness to help if there is a threat to the health and life of the child. The problem is acute for all of Russia. So far, in Primorye, no serious consequences of children locked in stuffy cars have been recorded. Shall we wait until the thunder breaks out?


By negligence …

- A child, alone in a closed car on the beach, woke up, and for about 20 minutes burst into tears, - said the user of social networks. - They left the "small" and left.

The reaction followed. People advised to report the parents' frivolous act to law enforcement agencies so that they could be brought to justice. There are two laws that prohibit locking minors in a car. Since July 2017, in clause 12.8 of the SDA, a paragraph has been added stating that it is prohibited to leave a child under the age of seven years in the vehicle while it is parked in the absence of an adult. At the same time, the fines are minimal - from 500 rubles.

The alternative is liability under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation under Art. 125 Leaving in Peril. Here, the fines are dozens of times higher, and the real terms of imprisonment. However, if a child is in the balance of death, isn't it blasphemy to frighten with fines?

A tragic incident took place in Rostov this summer. The parents left their three children in the car for several hours. Two suffocated. In another city of Russia, the car left with the baby in a tow truck, the mother managed to see the child on time. It is reported about children suffocated in seat belts in the car interiors on fire. Criminal cases were initiated under the article "Causing death by negligence".

Knock out the glass

“Situations are fraught with heatstroke; in an enclosed space, in the absence of ventilation, the oxygen content in the blood can sharply decrease,” says Nail Devlikanov, a resuscitator at the Disaster Medicine Center. - These are serious things, especially if the child is weak, with chronic diseases or developmental disabilities. The temperature may rise greatly or convulsions occur, loss of consciousness, and pressure drop. A dangerous condition occurs in a short period of time. If adults do not have a head, let them experiment on themselves, shutting themselves up in a hot car. Considering that the child's body has narrow limits of adaptability. High humidity and temperature are the strongest negative factors.

- With any suspicion of a threat to a person's life, especially a child, it is necessary to call professional help, - said Dmitry Churilov, chief physician of the Vladivostok Emergency Medical Service.

The police have confirmed that they respond to such calls. And conscientious citizens, calling 02 or 03, are sometimes bitterly mistaken. The child can sleep sweetly in the car or just imagined. We have a lot going from one extreme to another.

“You’ll break the windows, then you’ll answer,” said the experienced driver Vladimir Melnikov. - It turns out that the child felt great, and you encroached on private property.

- I would knock out the glass and not watch the child cry, - a resident of Primorye commented on the incident on the beach. - If necessary, I am ready to compensate for the damage, but I would not leave the child!

“It's just that the law does not take into account all the nuances,” said mother of many children, Svetlana. - I can leave the children in the car for five minutes by running into the store. All have telephones, the windows are open, the children have been instructed. And those parents who leave for a long time, it is difficult to say what is happening to them. They do not think about the consequences or are in an inadequate state.


Last year, residents of Vladivostok were shocked by the news of an extravagant mother who hung her baby in a net outside the window. A "walk" over the cornice could cost life - the mesh would break off, the child would get heatstroke. Parents saw nothing shocking in this. Dad even boasted about his know-how. After the reaction of the police, they stopped seeing the kid hanging out of the window in the string bag.

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