Preparation Is Required. How To Go To School And Not Get Sick

Preparation Is Required. How To Go To School And Not Get Sick
Preparation Is Required. How To Go To School And Not Get Sick

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In the preschool rush, parents have a chance to get carried away with external attributes, forgetting about the main thing - the health of the future student. And a difficult period awaits him - adaptation to the conditions in which everything new will be: environment, people, requirements. It is very important to prepare your child for these changes.


The main thing is the daily routine

The adaptation period for each child is individual, doctors say. On average, getting used to a new thing lasts two months, but for someone a week is enough, and for someone a year will not be enough. In order for the adaptation to be successful, doctors recommend that parents familiarize themselves with the primary school regime in advance and gradually teach the child to get up early and have breakfast on time - over the summer, children have become unaccustomed to the daily routine they had been vaccinated in kindergarten.

“In the daily routine there should be an alternation of games, rest, sleep, homework. It is advisable for the child to go to bed and get up at the same time, stop all active games two hours before bedtime. At this time, you can communicate with your child - read together, talk,”advised Irina Yakovleva, head of the pediatric department of the children's city polyclinic 1.

As for the diet, there must be a warm breakfast - porridge. The student's food should be five times a day, with the balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It is important that there are fish and meat on the table.

Do not forget about trace elements and vitamins. B vitamins help our nervous system to activate and work in the correct rhythm. Calcium is required, which is essential for bone growth. These trace elements are found in cheese, dairy products. Also, do not forget about vitamin C, it is especially important in the cold season. Vitamin C enriches the tissues of the brain and visual receptors with oxygen. Vitamin C is found in sea buckthorn berries, raspberries, red, white and black currants. It should be remembered that vitamins should only be taken as directed by a doctor. They are drunk in courses, followed by a break.

“The body's immune system is complex and reacts sensitively to certain influences. If we constantly stimulate it with some drugs, this will lead to an increase in autoimmune, inflammatory diseases, tumors, '' said Alexandra Mingairova, associate professor of the Department of Hospital Pediatrics at Omsk State Medical University. - There is no panacea. The entire medical community has come to the conclusion that the most important thing is a healthy lifestyle, including normal sleep. Preschoolers and younger students should sleep 10-12 hours a day, including naps. At this time, the nervous system calms down, recovers, the child begins to more actively assimilate the educational material."

Get rid of stress

“The first grade is a lot of stress,” said Nina Pegasina, a teacher-psychologist of the city center for psychological, pedagogical, medical and social assistance. - Difficulties in adaptation in the first grade arise if the child does not recognize the rules for a long time, does not know how to listen to explanations, does not know how to work in the mode of frontal instruction. This is compounded by parental pressure. They are often focused not on the child's acquisition of knowledge, but on external indicators - getting a good grade. This is fraught with nervous exhaustion and breakdowns in the child, which leads to academic failure."

Parents can reduce stress in a first grader.

“There is no need to frighten the child with the difficulties and difficulties that will await him at school. We need to give him the opportunity to be confident in himself, that he will cope, - advised the psychotherapist of the clinical psychiatric hospital. N.N.Solodnikova Natalia Denisova. - We need to support the child, praise for achievements and watch how he feels, monitor his physical and emotional state.If you cannot help your child to overcome difficulties on their own, then you need to contact a psychologist."

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