"For The Development Of Civil Society." LUKOIL Selects The Best Social Projects In Western Siberia

"For The Development Of Civil Society." LUKOIL Selects The Best Social Projects In Western Siberia
"For The Development Of Civil Society." LUKOIL Selects The Best Social Projects In Western Siberia

One of the projects that received a grant was the Owl House, aimed at helping children with disabilities. The author is Alexey Zhidomorov from Uray, the head of the center for apparatus correction "APPARATiKo". In particular, he proposed to create an innovative complex "House of the Owl", where, under the guidance of a teacher, a child with a disability will be able to carry out a specially designed program of sensory integration. These are exercises for the development of balance, tactile sensitivity, awareness of the space and boundaries of your body, the development of coordination, correct breathing. The project assumes that the child will somersault, whirl, sway, while loading vision, hearing, tactile perception, and the vestibular apparatus. The complex is suitable for children with mild cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, delayed speech or mental development, hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit disorder.


“We studied what was missing in our city and created this project,” Alexey Zhidomorov told FederalPress. - It will be a complex with sports equipment suspended in the air. "Owl ball", "owl trampoline", etc. This is our trademark. Children with disabilities can engage in physical education there according to a certain program."

Alexey Zhidomorov was awarded on December 13th. Sergey Kochkurov presented him with a diploma and a commemorative prize.

“The grant will help the development of children with disabilities. This is a social project - services will be provided free of charge. LUKOIL's support for such projects is the development of civil society. Of course, we will announce our projects for the next years. We know where we need to move further, there are many plans,”Zhidomorov stressed.

This year, PJSC LUKOIL awarded grants in the special category “Youth Initiatives”. One of the winners in it was the project of the deputy director for educational work of school 2 in the city of Pokachi, Anastasia Ivanova, entitled “The Russian movement of young patriots”. It is aimed at the spiritual and moral civic education of students. According to the winner, the goal is to open a junior class school in 2019.

The award ceremony took place on December 14. In her response, Anastasia Ivanova thanked the oil workers of LUKOIL for providing an opportunity to implement such projects.

“We will continue to participate in the competition, because thanks to it we can realize our ideas and professional desires. When there is material support, such projects are implemented much faster,”said Anastasia Ivanova.

Another project that won the Youth Initiatives nomination is HELLO Robot, developed by Elena Markova, deputy director for educational work at the Children's Art Center in Kogalym.

“We have written a project for the development of educational robotics,” said the winner of the competition. - In the city and the district there is a plan for the development of this direction, so we are involved in it. In our institution, the technical focus is not so well developed, which is why we came up with this project in order to create a material and technical base to teach children about educational robotics. We already have a program according to which the teacher is working. Is there a result. But we wanted to get this grant in order to expand the reach of children. This is not the first time we have taken part in LUKOIL's tender”.

In Langepas, the head of the kindergarten of the combined type 10 "Belochka" Natalya Denisova, in collaboration with other employees of the children's institution, developed the project "Protectors of Nature". It provides for the purchase and installation of a meteorological site on the territory of the kindergarten.

“This is an environmental project. There is a lot of equipment - thermometers, barometers, weather vanes. In addition, there will be tables for carrying out experimental activities, that is, for observing the weather on the territory of the kindergarten. We live in a climate where we have few walks in nature. There is no way to watch her. And now the children themselves will be able to determine what the weather will be like. The parents of our pupils came out with such an initiative. We, of course, have a new kindergarten, a lot of developing equipment. But a meteorological site for our territory is a very useful thing,”said Natalya Denisova.

At the same time, she admitted that the victory was unexpected for the kindergarten.

“We are very grateful to LUKOIL. The projects are very significant. When your work receives financial support and you can purchase exactly the equipment you need for the successful implementation of the program, it is very important. We are in both hands for LUKOIL to continue supporting educational institutions,”said Natalya Denisova.

It should be noted that the competition for social and cultural projects in PJSC LUKOIL has been implemented since 2002 and is held in eight subsidiaries of the company, covering 17 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The competition has been held since 2005 on the territory of OOO LUKOIL-Western Siberia's operations.

Photo: Lukoil

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