Why Women Cheat On Their Men

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Why Women Cheat On Their Men
Why Women Cheat On Their Men

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Women are interested in intimate relationships that include an emotional connection, while a man is only aimed at "expanding" the sexual experience. Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, in a Rutgers University study, found that 34% of women cheated while “happily married” versus 56% of men. Consequently, 66% of women felt unhappy in their relationship, and sought to find "happiness" on the side. Another study by a British dating site shows the following figures: 57% of women stated their feelings for their lovers, while only 27% of men stated their feelings for their lovers. This experiment shows that women are more likely to cheat when looking for an emotional connection.

Love on the internet

Previously, there were fewer partners for treason: friends, neighbors, colleagues, a lover could also be met at a bar, at a party. Today it's easier to find a partner - Facebook, Instagram, Tinder and other social networks. Women are more open online, looking for men on the Internet with whom they can form an emotional connection. On social media, photos are erotic stimuli, especially when they are candid. Ashley Madison has created a website and mobile app specifically for extramarital affairs. To date, the site has over 21 million registered users. The main reasons for "cheating": women - "you can not get divorced, but there is no relationship with your spouse", men - "life is too short." Moreover, for AM it is not necessary to be in one place - headphones and a camera are enough.


While female infidelity is most commonly spoken of as a way to find a strong emotional connection, there are other reasons that are highlighted by the team of psychology professor Lucia O'Sullivan (University of New Brunswick, Canada).

Low self-esteem

A woman with low self-esteem, depressed state, unresolved childhood trauma will seek confirmation of her attractiveness through romantic activity. This is how they feel “needed”.


Women who are offended by a man (cheated on, for example) use cheating as a way to strike back.

Feeling lonely

A woman in a family feels like a nanny, a maid, a laundress, a mother, a financial bag - anyone, just not a beloved woman. Then she goes for treason to fill the feeling of emotional emptiness.

Lack of gushing emotions

For some women, a permanent relationship seems boring due to the lack of a constant "spark". They are chasing new sensations, flirting and falling in love.

Difference in temperaments

Sometimes a woman in a couple is more active in an intimate context than a man. Temperaments do not match, and the woman wants to get more on the side.

Lack of a strong emotional connection

Even if a woman gets enough sex at home, but does not feel an emotional connection with her partner, she can start looking for him outside the home.

Deceived expectations

If a woman believes that her partner has deceived her expectations and does not satisfy them (even if she herself did not announce them), then she will go to look for another partner who can guess her desires and needs.

Wants to end the relationship

Some women find it easier to end a relationship if there is a compelling reason - for example, cheating. There is also a type of women who “do not go anywhere”, first building a reliable springboard for relationships on the side, and only after that they break off their previous relationship.

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