First Date: How To Increase Your Chances Of Re-Dating

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First Date: How To Increase Your Chances Of Re-Dating
First Date: How To Increase Your Chances Of Re-Dating

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Keep these five factors in mind, and you won't be surprised that she agrees to see you again.

Find her on the Internet

The survey showed that couples who met online were 78% more likely to have a second date than couples who were brought together by friends. According to expert and author of the book Anatomy of Love Helen Fisher, this is due to the fact that when searching on the Internet, people are more serious about choosing a partner.

Invite her to dinner

Yes, it's corny, but it doubles your chances of seeing her again compared to more creative options like walking or going to the museum. A casual mealtime conversation is perfect for getting to know each other, Fisher said. You will focus on the conversation, not on what is happening around you. “Eye contact, the sound of a voice, a smile, the way she listens to you, all of this will help you understand who she is,” says Fischer.

Best of all - in a sushi bar

The results of the survey showed that a Japanese restaurant increases the chances of a second date by as much as 170% compared to traditional cuisine. The researchers were so surprised by this that they tried to get to the bottom of the probable causes. “The omega-3 fatty acids in fish promote blood circulation and mental alertness,” says Fischer. - The algae contains iodine, which increases testosterone levels and excites. Wasabi raises your heart rate and can make you blush. " Overall, both of you will feel emotionally aroused. In addition, people often try sushi rolls from each other, and this brings them closer.

Talk to her about politics

It would seem that talking about politics with a stranger is an ideal scenario of disaster, but the survey showed that this way you will increase the chances of a second date by 91%. As Fisher says, it doesn't matter what your views are, the main thing is that they are, and you are not shy about expressing them in a respectful manner. The ability to calmly discuss a controversial issue will show you the kind, tolerant, flexible and compassionate person that women value so much.

Don't spend too much time with her

The chances of a new meeting quickly drop if the first one lasts more than 2 hours. Any conversation of this length is tiresome, let alone a conversation with a stranger. So know when it's time to wrap up. Arrange another dinner, this time, perhaps with a drink. Then ask politely if she should call a taxi or escort her home.

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