Four More Russian Children Found In Iraq

Four More Russian Children Found In Iraq
Four More Russian Children Found In Iraq

Video: Four More Russian Children Found In Iraq

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Video: Russian children stranded in Iraqi orphanage reunite with relatives following RT campaign 2023, February

Four Russian children were found in an orphanage in Baghdad, Iraq, said Anna Kuznetsova, ombudsperson for children's rights under the President of Russia.

Earlier, she announced the readiness of documents for 32 Russian children in Iraq. Their mothers remain in prison due to their involvement in terrorist organizations. As reported by Sputnik Russia, the children will be taken out as soon as the riots in Baghdad subside.

"They were also found by our representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, documents are being drawn up in relation to them. If they do not have time to process them before the situation normalizes (in Baghdad) before the departure of our flight, then we will take them out on a civil flight," Kuznetsova said.

The Commissioner for Children's Rights, in addition, said that some foreigners want to obtain Russian citizenship so that their children can also be taken to Russia.

An interdepartmental commission on assisting the return of children who were in the combat zone was created under the Children's Ombudsman in 2017. Thanks to the joint actions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Health and other Russian departments, about 100 children have been returned to Russia from Iraq since December last year.

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