Milana Kerzhakova Revealed The Truth About Treatment In A Drug Treatment Clinic. EXCLUSIVE

Milana Kerzhakova Revealed The Truth About Treatment In A Drug Treatment Clinic. EXCLUSIVE
Milana Kerzhakova Revealed The Truth About Treatment In A Drug Treatment Clinic. EXCLUSIVE

Video: Milana Kerzhakova Revealed The Truth About Treatment In A Drug Treatment Clinic. EXCLUSIVE

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For two years now, the country has been following the fate of Milana Kerzhakova. The death of his father is the politics of Vadim Tyulpanov, the divorce from her husband, the famous football player Alexander Kerzhakov, the fight for his son Artemy, whom his father took to himself. All this happened in Milana's life almost simultaneously.


Milana was born in St. Petersburg, in a wealthy family of a high-ranking politician Vadim Tyulpanov. A queue of grooms lined up for the enviable bride, but Milan chose the famous football player Alexander Kerzhakov. He made a good impression on the girl's parents, despite the two divorces and the age difference with Milana.

The marriage of the Kerzhakovs cracked after the death of Milana's father. The girl could not come to her senses for a long time, even despite the joyful event in her life - the birth of a child. A year later, Milan reached out to the public. She said that her husband not only left her alone at a difficult moment, but also began to interfere with communication with her son. After the public disclosure of this story, Milan managed to solve the problems through the courts. Is it true that after the death of her father, she was left without a livelihood? Why did she leave her ex-husband's last name? And are you ready to get married again? She told about this in an interview with the host of the program "Oh, Mommy" Angelica Raj.

“They called you Million Dollar Baby because of your rich dad. Was it annoying that you are perceived that way?

Milana Kerzhakova: I do not remember that in my childhood and adolescence people caused some kind of irritation. I was always surrounded by a vacuum of certain people, they formed my social circle, I was in a rather closed space from the rest of society, I lived in it, and I felt comfortable.

- Is your heart free now? Are you planning a new wedding soon?

M.K.: My heart is free, but I think that the wedding is unlikely to happen. Although … who knows? Anything can be. We assume, but God disposes. So, even in my first marriage, I never thought that it would turn out this way, and even now it is difficult for me to predict something. I'm comfortable enough now to be alone. By and large, it turned out that I spent most of my adult life with my parents, and then immediately moved from my parents' house to my husband's house. I was constantly with someone, with someone. But the feeling of freedom is new to me. I like it. I got the opportunity to do different projects. I didn't have it then.

- Did any man offer you a shoulder in the situation in which you found yourself a couple of years ago?

M.K.: If we talk about the male gender, then first of all it is my brother. Despite the fact that he was 12 years old then and now 14, he supported me then. We are friends with him. I have a man in my family whom I can always turn to. After all, there are times when you feel lonely. I can come to him, say: "Vladik, please hug me." He hugs, and it's better.

- What is happening in your professional career now? You are a journalist by profession.

M.K.: If we talk about journalism, I was offered an author's program on the St. Petersburg TV channel, and I gladly agreed. The interview format is close to me, people are interesting in principle. And I hosted this program. Then, when I began to speak publicly about my situation, mothers who are now fighting for their children began to write to me. I got to know the STOPKidnapping social movement. It was created by a woman who has not seen her children for more than eight years. At the same time, she has all the won courts and decisions on her hands, but, unfortunately, her father hides.

And I came up with the idea to create a project on YouTube "Without a Mom". There I talk to girls who have suffered from kidnapping.They tell how it happened, how such situations can be prevented. I hope people find this useful and interesting. I understand that this is a rather narrow topic, but for me personally it is of great importance.

- As far as I know, you are involved in charity work.

M.K.: Yes, now I am the ambassador of the Life Line Foundation. I cannot say that my work is too extensive, but I, as an ambassador, attend the events that open. And all the fees from these events go to the benefit of the children. Well, in principle, I often go to hospices, orphanages. It was with my dad and my ex-husband.

- Before your dad's death, you led a fairly rich lifestyle. Did everything change a lot after?

M.K.: No, it hasn't changed. Although I didn’t live with my parents for the last five years of my life, I had my own family. But I even began to “go out” more often, because, being married, I did not have a special opportunity to do it.

- You and your ex-husband have an age difference of 11 years. Don't you think that you broke up also because of this?

M.K.: No. After a long work with a psychologist, I learned for myself such a term as "abuser". This is a person who suppresses your will, suppresses you morally, suppresses you psychologically, can restrict you financially, restrict your freedom. This is a certain psychotype of people. Unfortunately, my ex-husband is that kind of person. And the only way to overcome this relationship is to get away from such a person.

- Once a legend was launched about you, as if you were treated in a drug treatment clinic. You have denied these claims. But why would anyone blame you?

M.K.: As I already said, there are "abuser" who are not able to disperse in an adult and human way. The situation was that we parted, and the child stayed with me. My ex-husband's money was also in my accounts. He demanded them back. And he transferred this money to me at one time as a guarantor that there will no longer be assault in our family. Accordingly, when we began to get divorced, he demanded them back. Then he stole the child and said that I can get the child back when I get the money back.

He still allowed me to come and see the child, but at the meeting he put forward several conditions, by fulfilling which I would supposedly be able to save the family. Among them was a trip to a drug treatment clinic. I really went there because at that moment I was ready for anything. As the lawyers later explained to me, my ex-husband wanted to get certain certificates about my condition there. But the doctors turned out to be respectable and did not give him this certificate.

- What are you dreaming about now?

M.K.: The first thing that comes to mind is that I want to lift my son's ban on traveling abroad. But this is a long process, through the courts. Then - so that my loved ones are healthy. I dream of meeting a worthy person someday.

- Why haven't you changed your ex-husband's surname yet?

M.K.: I am in the process of changing it, the process is not fast. So, according to the documents, I'm still Kerzhakov.

- Alexander Kerzhakov complained that he was not allowed to see his son Artemy. It's true?

M.K.: This is not true, like many other things that he said in his life.

- What quality must be in your future husband?

M.K.: Lack of vindictiveness.

- What superpower would you choose if you could?

M.K.: Read other people's thoughts.

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