Stumbling Foliage: At The State Farm Named After Lenin Protest Against The Total Cleaning Of Fallen Leaves

Stumbling Foliage: At The State Farm Named After Lenin Protest Against The Total Cleaning Of Fallen Leaves
Stumbling Foliage: At The State Farm Named After Lenin Protest Against The Total Cleaning Of Fallen Leaves

Video: Stumbling Foliage: At The State Farm Named After Lenin Protest Against The Total Cleaning Of Fallen Leaves

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Honored agricultural worker and part-time "red master" of the Lenin State Farm Pavel Grudinin often boasts of knowledge of the laws by which the plant world lives. He, they say, is all about science. He forgets about his knowledge, it is worth starting in the village of leaf fall. Its management company sweeps the foliage from the lawns and from under the trees, despite the protests of residents and the opinions of eco-activists and scientists.


Photos with bare ground and bags full of fallen leaves are displayed on the instagram of CJSC “UK Sovkhoz im. Lenin +”- a company that is controlled by Pavel Grudinin and is a monopoly in the entire village with more than eight thousand inhabitants. In such an uncomplicated way, utilities report on their "shock" work. But according to the residents of the old housing stock (panel five-storey buildings located along the highway), this is not "work", but rather "sabotage".

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“I constantly tell them [the janitors], stop raking the leaves,” says Maria Igorevna, a resident of house number 4 (hereinafter, all the names of the interlocutors of the editorial office have been changed. - Ed. Note). “They are looking at me, poor people, throwing up their hands, babbling something in their own way - they seem to understand. And as soon as I return from the store, I see again that they are rowing. They row, listen to nothing and nobody!"

“Several times in our house we asked the cleaners not to rake the foliage from the trees,” the pensioner Aleksey Arkadyevich echoes to the woman from a neighboring house. - "I know what I am saying; my daughter lives in Moscow, so no one removes the foliage in their yard, they have achieved this. And these (wave of hand in the direction of the office where Pavel Grudinin's study is located. - Ed.) - they don't care! They wanted to spit on our opinion. Sometimes they seem to leave when you threaten, and in the morning you look - everything has already been chosen at the root! Eh, our poor little land, what are they doing with it! One word - sabotage!"

The desire of the interlocutors of the editorial office to maintain confidentiality is understandable. Anyone who "dares" to speak out against Pavel Grudinin or his assistants, a real "hunt" is declared in the village. People are literally being bullied. So it was with a pregnant mother of six children, who went to a meeting with the main shareholder of the agricultural enterprise - she and her eldest daughter were literally "hounded" on social networks and house chats. The same happened with the pensioners from the club "Golden Autumn", whom the oligarch decided to evict from the premises only because they went on "uncoordinated" pilgrimage trips to the holy places of the Moscow region.

Be that as it may, the experts share the point of view of the residents of the village, who complain about the "sabotage" of public utilities. Indeed, harvesting fallen leaves causes significant harm to the fertility of the earth and the plants growing on it - be it grass, shrubs or trees. Alexey Filin, a researcher at the Moscow State University Botanical Garden, told about this "Word and Deed".

“Harvesting foliage disrupts the small biological cycle. This is when useful substances from the leaves enter the soil, and from it into various microorganisms that loosen the soil, and then back into the trees. Without foliage, these beautiful organisms have nothing to feed on, they die. As a result, we get terrible bald spots on the ground, a terrible state of the adjacent territories,”says Filin. According to him, it is possible to get rid of fallen leaves, but a layer of leaves should remain on the lawns.

It should be noted that the activities of ZAO Sovkhoz im.Lenina +”not once, not twice and not three times in recent years has become the object of criticism of the residents of the village and the object of attention from the control authorities. Apartment owners complain about unaffordable rates, poor-quality cleaning and lack of repair, regular blockages and flooding of basements. In turn, as the journalists of the Slovo and Delo portal found out earlier, the management of the Criminal Code was involved in scams with budget funds allocated to public utilities with the connivance of ex-head of administration Elena Dobrenkova. In the meantime, the prosecutor's office understands the intricacies of her machinations, Dobrenkova's accomplices are in a hurry to master the last millions, not looking back at the residents and not listening to their complaints.

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