Uspenskaya Intrigued Fans With The Appearance Of Her Son

Uspenskaya Intrigued Fans With The Appearance Of Her Son
Uspenskaya Intrigued Fans With The Appearance Of Her Son

Video: Uspenskaya Intrigued Fans With The Appearance Of Her Son

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Uspenskaya / Photo: Instagram singer Uspenskaya intrigued fans with the appearance of her son The boy turned out to be the child of Milana Tyulpanova and Alexander Kerzhakov.


Fans of the 66-year-old chanson queen Lyubov Uspenskaya are at a loss: the star posted an ambiguous video on her blog. On it, a woman passes a little boy to the singer.

“You asked us to find you the boy you have dreamed of for a long time. We have found you the best child in the world. Get it, please,”says the woman holding out her baby to Uspenskaya.

“Come to me, my child. I so dreamed of having a boy,”the singer begins to hug the child.

This was not enough for Uspenskaya and she added fuel to the fire, finally intriguing the fans.

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My friends! Today is my happiest day ️ ️ And no one and nothing can make me sad. I dreamed of a son, I dreamed of a childish laugh, and a childish noise and scream in my house I wish you all to feel this moment post shared by Lyubov Uspenskaya (@uspenskayalubov_official) on Aug 13, 2020 at 10:53 am PDT

"Do you like it here? Will you stay in this house? It's all yours,”the queen of the chanson asked, hugging the baby.

The boy, clearly embarrassed, answered "yes" to all the questions. The followers decided that Ouspenskaya decided on adoption and made some lonely child happy. We began to congratulate: “What a fine fellow you are, Love”; "Congratulations on your little sons."

But the boy turned out to be the son of Milana Tulipova and Alexander Kerzhakov.

“Apparently, the guy was christened - so she became his mother,” suppose Uspenskaya's subscribers.

Some went further, reminding the singer about the difficult relationship with her daughter, Tatyana Plaksina: “Lyuba, turn your face to your wonderful daughter. She needs you, not stranger boys."

So far, neither Tyulpanova nor Uspenskaya have revealed the intrigue, but, most likely, the fans are right, and Lyubov Zalmanovna became the godmother of baby Artyom.

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