Updated Children's Clinic Of FMBA Opened In The Ulyanovsk Region

Updated Children's Clinic Of FMBA Opened In The Ulyanovsk Region
Updated Children's Clinic Of FMBA Opened In The Ulyanovsk Region

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ULYANOVSK, October 19 - RIA Novosti. In the Ulyanovsk region in Dimitrovgrad, a polyclinic N3 of the clinical hospital N172 of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA) was opened after a major overhaul, the press service of the regional governor reports.


"The renovation of the children's polyclinic in Dimitrovgrad, where more than 7.4 thousand children receive help, began at the end of 2017. About 17.8 million rubles were allocated for repairs. Financing also allowed the purchase of medical furniture and equipment, improve the surrounding area and create comfortable conditions for people with limited mobility, "the message says.

The structure of the polyclinic is designed for one hundred visits per shift. It includes 9 pediatric sites, a hospital for 20 day care places, and 3 places for medical rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the central nervous system.

"Renovation of the children's clinic is a stage in the implementation of a large-scale national project" Healthcare. "Among the tasks that the President of the Russian Federation set for the industry under this program is to increase the availability and quality of medical care for children of all ages. We also strive to introduce the latest technologies at all levels of the healthcare system "- said during the solemn event on the occasion of the opening of the renewed clinic, the governor of the region Sergei Morozov, whose words are quoted by the press service.

Currently, 19 doctors and 35 nurses work in the medical facility.

"The polyclinic has an" open registry ", sick leaves, analysis of analyzes and work with patients are carried out by separate employees. We have divided the flows of sick and healthy patients, optimized the process of clinical examination in the vaccination unit. There is an emergency room for receiving children with infectious diseases. We now have a separate room for mothers of breastfed babies. A monitor with a schedule of specialists is installed in the lobby of the clinic, modern play areas for children are organized, "said the head of the children's clinic, Lidia Mashtakova, quoted in a press release.

"The renovation work in the children's polyclinic N3 was carried out taking into account the new standard of" lean medical organization ". Today we see the final stage of this project and can evaluate the changes that have occurred. This is a worthy example of joint work with the Ulyanovsk region", - said at the opening ceremony, Deputy Head of FMBA Russia Natalia Mikhailova.

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