The Fountain Will Sing For Children, And The Baby Party Will Give Out Motorcycles: Where To Go On June 1 With Children

The Fountain Will Sing For Children, And The Baby Party Will Give Out Motorcycles: Where To Go On June 1 With Children
The Fountain Will Sing For Children, And The Baby Party Will Give Out Motorcycles: Where To Go On June 1 With Children

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных

On June 1, all of the city's parks will turn into large, fabulous entertainment lands. A sea of ​​sweets awaits kids, as well as magic lessons, meeting characters from their favorite cartoons and disco. Many exhibitions will open in Perm libraries, Karl and Brenda bears will be waiting for young guests at the children's market. And the main fountain of the city will play "Chunga-Changu" and "Dance of Little Ducklings".


Well, what about without ice cream?

Children's Day will be celebrated throughout the city. The parks, as always, are waiting for children to attend events. A traditional ice cream festival will be held in Gorky Park from 12:00 to 17:00. This year, children are expected for the birthday of Mishka-Toptyzhka. According to the plot, this bear lives in a cold storage facility, so for the holiday he prepared a lot of ice cream treats. In the interactive shooting gallery "Sweet Tooth Lunch", the children, together with the animator, will compete in accuracy. The most attentive will take part in the game "Find a Pair". On this day, an exhibition of drawings by children with disabilities will be held in the rotunda.

By the way, recently a new Eastern Express railway was launched in the park. The station here is an exact copy of the station in Istanbul, and the train consists of both compartments and reserved seats. And in the rope park "Robin Hood" there is a new track and towers from which you can shoot at the command of the enemy.

From 13:00 to 17:00, the guys will be able to see the concert on the main stage. Spectators will see the performances of the best children's groups in Perm. And, as has happened in recent years, the park will host a traditional draw for a year's supply of ice cream.

Sweet kingdom and country of Multi-Multi

Other parks in Perm will also host festive events dedicated to the children's holiday. Park "Happiness is" from 18:00 to 20:00 will become the "Sweet Kingdom". Each child will be able to make a bouquet of sweets or a painted fragrant gingerbread. Famous masters of giant soap bubbles Alexey and Victoria Lunegovs and soloists of the children's vocal studio "Nadezhda" will fly to visit the boys and girls.

In the garden named after Mindovskiy from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, a fascinating open-air performance "Incident in the country of Multi-Multi" awaits young visitors. During the performance, the audience will visit the Shapoklyak school. Another surprise for young guests will be an interactive playground for playing MegaLEGO. Children and parents can use giant LEGO bricks to assemble bizarre animals, replica cars, or build the tallest tower.

Princess suitcase

In the "Garden of Eden" in Motovilikha from 17:00 to 19:00 a family entertainment show will be arranged for children. In the kingdom of Bul-Bul, Princess Multi lost her suitcase, where she kept all her magical skills. Together with the children, the princess will be rescued by soloists of the vocal studio "Nadezhda", jugglers, magicians and even a huge giraffe.

A circus performance will be staged in the Chekhov Park at the same time. Spectators will see an acrobatic illusion and dance performances with the participation of dogs. The four-legged artists will amaze visitors with their dexterity and courage. The entertainment program will continue with the family performance "How a lion cub and a turtle sang a song." During the holiday, interactive platforms "Sweet Life", "Childhood of Girls" and "Childhood of Boys" will operate. The end of the holiday will be a disco with soap bubbles.

And even the fountain will sing for children

Children love to run among the jets of the fountain in front of the Theater-Theater. But only on June 1, the Perm Theater Fountain will dance to the melodies of Shainsky and Werner. In honor of the holiday, the Theatrical Fountain's repertoire will include the melodies “White-Maned Horses” and “Chunga-Changa” by Vladimir Shainsky, as well as “Dance of Little Ducklings” by Thomas Werner.Children's tunes will be played on June 1 at 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00 for 15 minutes.

Like adults

Why not throw a party for the kids? This is what the organizers of Karl Market thought and on Children's Day they decided to throw a party (0+) not for adults, but for children and their parents. True, the party will not take place in the evening, but in the afternoon from 11:00 to 23:00. It will be a celebration in the Baby shower format, similar to how the upcoming birth of a child is celebrated in Europe and America. By tradition, guests are invited to the event, who give future parents gifts for the baby. At the Baby shower party, the main characters will be the bears Karl and Brenda, more precisely, characters with large cardboard heads of polar bears. The intrigue of the evening - who are they waiting for, a boy or a girl. The secret will be revealed while cutting the birthday cake.

The market will have a football school and a children's motorcycle school, children will paint giant coloring pages, participate in master classes and watch 3D books. A hairdresser, make-up artist, model school and chill-out will work for children. The family zone will host corn fights and a Boom-show, and will make a Mexican piñata toy.

The food zone will prepare waffles, burgers, smoothies, healthy sweets, pizza, cotton candy, coffee, donut fight and CHOCO therapy. On the market, you can buy unusual gifts, toys, books for development, costumes and accessories, children's clothing, business boards - play structures with many elements, constructors, chalk boards and growing furniture.

The children's party will take place at the Arctic Hall. Details can be found on the Karl Market website.

Family master classes in the gallery

On June 1, at 17:00, the Perm Art Gallery will invite young visitors and their parents to a family workshop "My Guardian Angel" (6+). Museum teacher Evgenia Naymushina will talk about angels from the exhibition of Perm wooden sculpture. After that, the guys will be able to create their own image of an angel using the monotype technique with oil paints. You can sign up for a master class in the comments or in the messages of the gallery group on VKontakte.

For young confectioners

And for those who love not only to feast on, but also to come up with these very delicacies, we decided to arrange a free master class in one of the city's pastry shops. Young confectioners are welcome at Violet-Bezet on Mira Street, 10a June 1 at 11:00. The main thing is to have time to sign up for the Violet group in the VKontakte group.

For smart kids

Children's libraries also join the children's holiday and prepare many surprises within their walls. At 12:00 in the Central Children's Library on Chernyshevskogo Street, 5, the "Soap Bubbles Festival" (0+) and the opening of the "Library Courtyard" will take place. Also, on this day, an exhibition from a private collection of dolls "When my mother was little" (0+) and an exhibition of children's drawings "Family through the eyes of children" (0+) will open here.

On this day, the Children's Library 5 named after Trutneva will open a book exhibition "Friend of the Childhood" (0+), dedicated to toys.

At 11:30 in the children's library 7 named after Zhitkov, the art action "Let's draw the world together" (0+) will take place. Half an hour earlier, at 11:00, the Children's Library named after Gaidar will host the holiday "Bright Planet of Childhood!" (6+). And at the same time, at 11:00, a literary congratulation game "In the Land of Wonderful Childhood" (6+) will take place in the Morozov Children's Library. The Lermontov Library at 11:00 will conduct a book trip "Read, do not be bored!" (6+). Children's parties will also begin in other libraries of the city at 11:00 and 12:00. You can clarify the program of events by calling the libraries.

For mummies

The mothers of the city also decided to celebrate June 1 and will unite in the “March of mothers” around the city. At 9:30 am they will meet in the alley of Komsomolsky Prospekt (near the "Death Tower"). Every mother can join the procession. Participants will be given a bow, sticker, balloon and gifts. At 10:00 the procession starts and goes down the alley. The procession will enter the Gorky Park, take a general photo near the rotunda and go to the Park's Green Theater. A game entertainment program will take place at 11:00.

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