Fans Admired The Grown-up Son Of The Singer Natalie

Fans Admired The Grown-up Son Of The Singer Natalie
Fans Admired The Grown-up Son Of The Singer Natalie

Video: Fans Admired The Grown-up Son Of The Singer Natalie

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Together with Arseny, the star starred in a culinary TV show.


The famous Russian singer Natalie is three times a mother. The celebrity's first-born Arseniy is 18 years old, the middle child Anatoly is nine, and the little Zhenya is three years old. The star periodically shares moments from the lives of children. This time, the artist decided to show pictures with her eldest son. Together with him, Natalie participated in a culinary television show. On the web, they were amazed at how Arseny matured. And they noted that the singer had a wonderful son.

We were filming this program for a long time … I even forgot what we were doing there. Two teams! Lena Borshcheva with my mother and me with Arseny! We compete, sort of! Arseny is serious, he wants to cook for real, but the program is humorous !, they “interfere” with cooking … In general, it's funny or instructive, the viewer decides! Dmitry Khrustalev is wonderful!

- said the star mom.

(note in the quotes the spelling and punctuation of the authors is preserved)

“Wow !!! This is how he grew up, handsome !!!! "," What an adult son, but you don't change at all "," It is immediately obvious who is the chef in the kitchen)) "," What a wonderful son you have! We were rooting for you! He is a great clever boy !!!! "," An incomparable unspoiled boy, I am delighted "," The boy has grown up)) Beautiful mother with her son "," Arseny is so tall, an adult "," What a serious son "," What a handsome man ", - comments by the audience on Instagram.

Recall that Natalie and her husband Alexander have been married since 1991. The husband of the artist is not a public person, so the star does not go out with him and does not publish pictures on her personal blog.

The famous couple are raising three children. The first-born Arseny was born in November 2001. In August 2010, the star gave her husband another son. The boy was named Anatoly. On April 7, 2017, the family was replenished again - baby Eugene was born.

Photo: Instagram @ natali_star74

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