Relatives Of Children Offended In The Boarding School Do Not Want To Cooperate With The Investigation

Relatives Of Children Offended In The Boarding School Do Not Want To Cooperate With The Investigation
Relatives Of Children Offended In The Boarding School Do Not Want To Cooperate With The Investigation

Video: Relatives Of Children Offended In The Boarding School Do Not Want To Cooperate With The Investigation

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To the question of the correspondent of "Precedent", addressed to the editor-in-chief of Maria Mashanova, did the parents go to the investigators, who told the publication shocking stories about the orphanage, Maria Sergeevna replied:

- We do not have such information.

In the meantime, their colleagues, as well as the parents of children who have ever undergone treatment and rehabilitation at the institution, stood up to protect the staff of the orphanage.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Novosibirsk Region published on its website an open letter from the doctor Dmitry Lang:

- Over the past years, we have all witnessed literally harassment of medical workers everywhere - from television and the media, to your personal affairs and actions in relation to medical workers. Now they began to destroy social workers. If among you there are those who want to express their opinion and indicate their civil position - remember that the information that you comment on must be verified. It is still highly desirable to be critical of such "HYIP" articles. 95% of these posts are designed for your emotional response. They will achieve their goal - they will attract your attention. But how many people will suffer without guilt?

Parents of children who have ever undergone rehabilitation in an institution have created a public on social networks #ProtectOyash: Parents of inmates of the Oyashinsky orphanage defended the institution

Here is what the mother of three children, Ekaterina Aronova, writes: - I will not repeat everything published and commented on, I am not going to defend anyone, because I do not know what is happening behind closed doors of departments where children live without parents. I'll just tell you about my personal experience of being there, impressions of the employees, their activities and the general atmosphere. We lived in another building, at the other end of the village, in which the adult pupils of the boarding school were already living. And we never, in any of the races, did not see, hear, or notice anything suspicious. Yes, we did not enter closed doors, did not observe the life of bedridden patients, we do not know this life from the inside. But we have an idea of ​​how complex the diagnoses and behavioral characteristics of the children are. And we can also imagine what a difficult and noble work it is to work with such pupils.

The parents of the pupils were joined by doctors and teachers from other social institutions.

“In practice, knowing the complexity of working with the category of socially unprotected children, children with disabilities, we are well aware of the subtlety and psychological complexity of the situation that has arisen, when it is the workers who are under the blow of those who discuss and condemn. We know this institution as one of the best in the Novosibirsk region! We urge you to wait until the end of the test and give the team of specialists who have devoted their lives to working with the most difficult category of children the opportunity to continue their activities in a stable emotional environment! We wish the team, parents and children faith and patience! - wrote the director of the center "Victoria" Zinaida Khikhlova.

Director of the boarding school Igor Milaev thanked for the support of parents and colleagues. He said that after the harassment erupted in the media, some employees refused to go to work. I had to urgently look for a replacement for them.

Rumors that parents began to take away children on a massive scale, Igor Milaev denied.

Yesterday it became known that the administration of the Oyashinsky orphanage had filed a claim with the Arbitration Court against the website.

Earlier, the Minister of Labor and Social Development Yaroslav Frolov appealed to the relatives of the inmates, who were allegedly bullied, to make contact with the investigation.

After reports in the media, the Investigative Committee began checking the institution.

Ekaterina Sosnina

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