What Are The Rules For Children's Camps This Year

What Are The Rules For Children's Camps This Year
What Are The Rules For Children's Camps This Year

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Most likely, in most regions there will be no first shift in children's country camps. And many city school camps will not open either - they will continue to exist online. But the second and third shifts may well take place, albeit not as usual.


Outdoor quarantine

In the Khabarovsk Territory, the opening of children's camps is expected no earlier than June 20. The municipalities will set the date themselves, since everything depends on the situation with the coronavirus.

"We recommend opening day camps with small groups, subject to all the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor," said the Minister of Education and Science of the Territory Viktoria Khlebnikova.

"And we predict the beginning of the health campaign from the second shift," said Yaroslav Frolov, Minister of Labor and Social Development of the Novosibirsk Region, on the air of Vesti Novosibirsk. "We are considering three directions." The toughest option, he explained, was to conduct a summer health campaign in country camps on the basis of observation.

Children must go through a home quarantine stage before leaving. Obtain a document on the state of health and lack of contact with the sick. Social distance will be established in the camps. Their occupancy rate will decrease by about a third. The change will be completely closed from external contacts. The most optimal format, according to the minister, will be to conduct the campaign in a more familiar mode, but with the strictest observance of measures for health safety.

The word "observation" is also heard among those who are preparing a children's health campaign in the Tomsk region. Here, it seems, too, can take place in an observational format. In country camps, shifts are organized without visiting relatives. Small groups of children will live in the buildings with their caregivers for the first 14 days. And when the quarantine is over, the squads will be allowed to communicate with each other and hold joint events.

In Yekaterinburg, our correspondent was already informed that in the camp where her daughter has been traveling for a long time, the first shift will begin no earlier than July 1 and will last only two weeks instead of three. The next shifts will also be shortened.

During the entire rest, both children and employees must not leave the camp territory, visits by parents and the transfer of parcels are also prohibited - these are the requirements of medical doctors. It is recommended to avoid mass events. The priority is walking in the fresh air. The buildings will be equipped with disinfectants and recirculators, and antiseptics will be purchased.

In the Nizhny Novgorod region, in some areas of the region, camps can open from June 25, accepting children only from their municipal district.

Meetings with relatives will also be prohibited here. The camp must have a minimum supply of disinfectants, and all personnel must be tested for COVID-19 antibodies.

Must go!

In the Nizhny Novgorod region, the cost of children's recreation has already been determined. A voucher for 21 days will cost from 15.5 to 28.5 thousand rubles. And in Kaliningrad, they plan to distribute 1.1 thousand free vouchers to eight municipal centers for children's recreation.

Among them there are health camps on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Children from families whose average per capita income does not exceed the regional subsistence minimum - 11.4 thousand rubles will be able to relax for free.

You can book a free trip starting from May 30 on the website of the Education Committee of the Kaliningrad Administration. Parents who do not have a computer or Internet access will be helped by employees of the city children's and youth centers and children's art houses.The schedule and duration of the shifts are promised to be adjusted until June 15.

Online travel vouchers are another feature of 2020. In Yekaterinburg, this can be done through the portal of public services. Yekaterinburg residents submitted 19.4 thousand applications on the first day. A year ago, there were 1,500 fewer applicants. Parents have similar sentiments in other regions. Despite the current situation, many are not going to change their children's plans for the summer.

The Association of Children's Camps in the Perm Territory "Promotion of Children's Rest" conducted an online poll "I want to go to summer camp", in which more than 2.4 thousand people took part. 44 percent of parents gave an unequivocal affirmative answer to the question: do they plan to send their child to summer camp. Another third are inclined towards the same decision, they will be guided by the situation.

Almost half of the respondents do not see any other alternative to their child's summer vacation in the current situation. At the same time, a fifth of parents are categorically against the organization of mass recreation for children. They think that it is better to leave the child at home.

Postponed until new holidays

Alas, not in all regions children will be able to rest in camps. Due to the pandemic this year, the Yamal authorities are forced to cancel all three summer shifts in a children's camp in Bulgaria. And in Anapa, Crimea and neighboring Tyumen - the first and second shifts.

All these camps are the region's own health facilities. In Bulgaria, children rest for free. A week before the introduction of quarantine measures in the region, it was planned that more than 1.2 thousand Yamal children would rest in Bulgaria. Rest abroad is not a luxury or a whim. From the regions of the Far North, children must be taken out at least once a year to the real sun and sea. Usually summer in Yamal lasts a month and a half, and even at this time the polar day is set. And without strengthening the immune system, it is difficult for children to enter the harsh winter later.

As for the Russian camps, there is still hope for the opening of the third shift, says Nail Khairullin, director of the department for youth policy and tourism in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

And for Yakut schoolchildren, full rest in the summer will only be in areas where coronavirus has not been detected. Olga Yashina, head of the profile department of the Ministry of Education and Science of Yakutia, said that the summer health campaign will be held in person only in the Arctic and northern regions. In all others, online camps or remote sites will operate.

Will it be by the sea?

And of course, many regions - not only "cold" ones - are looking forward to news from Crimea.

According to the head of the republic, Sergei Aksyonov, they receive numerous appeals from the governors of other regions of Russia regarding the admission of organized groups of children for summer vacations. “I honestly tell everyone that I don’t know. The situation is constantly changing. Everything will depend on the epidemiological situation,” said Sergei Aksenov.

In Crimea itself, the Department of Youth, Sports and Tourism of the Administration of Simferopol is already accepting documents for the improvement of children of the preferential category in summer country camps. But, as reported to "RG" in the management, the dates of arrival in the camps are still unknown. Nevertheless, the government of the republic is still considering the possibility of sending Crimean children on vacation to the International Children's Center "Artek" from June 1 at a budgetary expense. But not the entire center will be able to accept schoolchildren, but only two out of nine camps. The final decision will be made on May 26.

Prepared by Natalia Graf, Ulyana Vylegzhanina, Nikita Zaikov, Marina Ledyaeva, Elena Matziong, Inessa Suvorova, Yulia Sukonkina, Vladimir Tayursky, Alexander Filimonenko, Svetlana Tsygankova, Andrey Chugunov, Natalia Shvabauer

Expert opinion

Andrey Danilkov, representative of the Interregional Public Organization for the Promotion of Children's Rest:

- Children's camps are more fortunate than the rest of the tourism business. Summer will come anyway, there will be holidays.You can't just take and leave schoolchildren "on the street." This threatens with an increase in juvenile delinquency and other negative consequences. Locking a child at home alone with gadgets is also not an option, and parents understand this.

Now in Russia they are discussing new protocols for admitting children to children's health institutions and the conditions for their stay there. In particular, even before departure, the child will be measured temperature - if it is increased, the check-in will have to be postponed. Daily thermometry during the shift is also recommended. Plus, there are recommendations for a more rarefied finding of children in the camp: lunches in shifts, in several groups, with classes - the same thing. It is also necessary in all camps to limit contacts between children and their parents. Another measure should be the permanent residence of the camp workers on its territory.

Now the heads of health organizations have three options for the further development of events. The first is to maintain the full calendar of the summer wellness program. The second option is to shift the first shift by one or two weeks, and the third is to completely cancel the first shift. The latter threatens with a wave of requests from parents to return the money. And then the organizers may face a serious problem. From what means to return money in case of mass refusal of vouchers is not clear.

From the editorial board

Recall that the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation recommended the regions to start a summer children's health campaign from July 1. On May 25, the department's "hot line" will start working. And the Rospotrebnadzor believes that this year's summer health campaign should be carried out without the children leaving the region.

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