MAMT Studio Presents A Special Pre-holiday Program For All Ages

MAMT Studio Presents A Special Pre-holiday Program For All Ages
MAMT Studio Presents A Special Pre-holiday Program For All Ages

Video: MAMT Studio Presents A Special Pre-holiday Program For All Ages

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Advent calendar of MAMT Studios

The Advent calendar will help you remember the last month of the year, get 31 ideas on how to have fun and interesting time with your child, and put on your little show.

The studio starts a countdown to the main holiday of the year. Every day throughout December, MAMT Studio will send creative assignments that you can do with your children. And by the New Year, a small miracle will appear in your home - a home performance that will make the festive evening special.

The Advent Calendar is absolutely free. You just need to subscribe to the Advent Calendar Telegram channel of the MAMT Studio. You will invent New Year's heroes, make costumes and decorations for them, play a fairy tale and bake Christmas cookies.

December 15 at 18:00

Music club from 12 to 15. "Nutcracker". Favorite fairy tale of children and / or adults? 12+

The Nutcracker is Tchaikovsky's most famous ballet based on a wonderful children's fairy tale about a kind girl and a magic ugly doll, which is so pleasant to watch in December.

Together with Lyalya Kandaurova, teenagers will be able to try to penetrate the magic of Tchaikovsky's music and figure out where such unimaginable sadness comes from in the stories about children, dolls and sweets.

Participants will discuss what the city of Confiturenburg really can be and will try to sort out their feelings by answering the question "How do we understand that the Nutcracker is a love story?"

Participation is free! It is very simple to sign up for the Studio Music Club, you need to send an application to [email protected]

December 18 at 20:00

Children’s fairy tales. A festive lecture on the secret meanings of The Nutcracker. 16+

From early childhood, the fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" is a universal symbol of the upcoming New Year's holiday, miracle and magic. But is this familiar children's fairy tale so simple and naive?

The guests of the meeting, together with theater critic Nika Parkhomovskaya and art critic Alina Aksenova, will try to understand the secret meanings and cultural symbols of Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann's Christmas fairy tale.

What non-childish themes are heard by Hoffmann? Who is the Nutcracker really and why is he always portrayed with an evil grimace? What is hidden behind the beauty and grace of the "land of sweets"? And why did the German tradition of decorating a Christmas tree become worldwide? You can learn about this and much more at the lecture. Watch the live stream on YouTube StudioMAMT.

December 26 at 11:00

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. The long-awaited New Year's online master class for the little ones. 3+

It's no secret that the less a person is, the closer he is to the world of fairy tales and fantasy. Only young children sincerely and unconditionally believe in magic, and New Year and Christmas holidays become for them a small life in a wonderland. The studio invites kids 3 - 5 years old to plunge into the atmosphere of the most musical New Year's fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" and get acquainted with its main characters.

During the virtual journey, both children and adults will turn into characters of a fairy tale, get acquainted with the Nutcracker and learn how he managed to crack open the strong nut Krakatuk. The shadow fairy tale will become colored, and the music will speak. At the end of the magical adventure, spectators will see another decoration on the New Year tree - the Nutcracker made by themselves. Tickets on the website:

December 11, 18 and 25

Mini-lectures of the MAMT Studio on Instagram

On all ballet stages of the world, New Year is the time of the "Nutcracker". The most popular ballet in the world has seen both classical interpretations and avant-garde provocative ones. Viewers will be told about the most daring and memorable productions in 130 years.Three lectures from the dance historian, creator of the Nofixedpoints portal Vita Khlopova, to become a real specialist in the ballet New Year.

At the lectures, you can learn how different choreographers imagined the world of the Nutcracker - as a puppet universe or a reflection of the inner world of people? What hero in their performances is Drosselmeir - a good uncle or an evil wizard? Are mice only scary animals, or are they the personification of human deep fears? How do choreographers imagine the city of Confiturenburg? Is this the city of our dreams, a sweet kingdom or a place of unfulfilled hopes?

The audience will see not only episodes of performances staged in theaters in Russia, but the brightest Nutcrackers staged by choreographers of the 20th century: George Balanchine, Mark Morris, Matthew Bourne and others.

And all this variety in just three lecture episodes! Don't miss the posts on MAMT Studio's Instagram on December 11, 18 and 25.

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