Psychic: Can Valeria's Children Forgive Shulgin

Psychic: Can Valeria's Children Forgive Shulgin
Psychic: Can Valeria's Children Forgive Shulgin

Video: Psychic: Can Valeria's Children Forgive Shulgin

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Natalya Kopneva believes that the producer is increasingly moving away from his heirs

A new interview with Yulia Mikhalchik unexpectedly caused a real wave of revelations from Valeria's family members. The fact is that the star of the "Star Factory" many years ago began an affair with Alexander Shulgin - the first husband and father of the singer's children, with whom she later divorced with a scandal. Valeria claimed that domestic violence was the reason for her breakup with the producer. And Mikhalchik condemned the woman for bringing up family problems for general discussion. However, it was not Valeria herself who answered the criticism of Julia, but her eldest son Artemy. The young man called his biological father a tyrant and a monster and said that he "didn't give a damn about him." Valeria's current husband, producer Joseph Prigogine, also did not remain silent, accusing Shulgin of outright bullying of his ex-wife and children. decided to ask the parapsychologist and tarologist Natalia Kopneva if Valeria's heirs will ever be able to forgive their own father.

“An ambiguous figure in show business. I can't say that everything that is written and discussed about him is true, but more than half of the information, no matter how sad it may be, is real. His character is heavy and oppressive. Many things that he did in life, alas, were too problematic and were too hard for his loved ones to endure. The whole situation around his person is constantly associated with a scandal,”Natalia began.

“It's a fact that his children don't treat him very well. The further everything goes, the worse. There are constant squabbles and scandals between them. Children are better off without him than with him. From a distance, they are just great. They will never be close to him, and now there can be no talk of forgiveness. On the cards, they are more and more moving away from each other. They have a great example of what a father should be, in the person of someone else's man. They are not ready to exchange a good attitude for a bad one, even for their own father. In the future, when their communication will completely come to naught, children will sometimes remember about him, but only in the context of the fact that once thanks to him they were born. Now the situation is more than clear. It is better for Shulgin to stop reminding of himself altogether, since everything connected with him causes aggression,”Kopneva said.

“Oddly enough, the public is not all on the side of children. If now some events come out, then some will defend the rights of Shulgin, and we may face a very strange opinion of the public. However, whatever one may say, children are sacred, and at the moment they are better off with a new father,”concluded the tarot reader.

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