When Is Daughter's Day In 2021 In Russia

When Is Daughter's Day In 2021 In Russia
When Is Daughter's Day In 2021 In Russia

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There are many holidays in the year, but there are new ones that are not yet widespread, but at the same time they are very interesting and significant. Find out when is Daughter's Day in 2021 in Russia. This is a beautiful holiday for strengthening family relations and raising family values.

Holiday date

Daughter's Day in many countries, and now in Russia, has two dates - January 12 and April 25. This is the tradition that remained for this holiday. It is connected with the fact that January 12 is International Daughter's Day, and the second date came from the United States, and it remained so. On this day, American parents took their daughters to work, showed their jobs.

Now the challenge for Girls' Day has changed. On a holiday, they try to express all their love, care and joy to their daughters that they have appeared in the family. Daughters are given gifts, a festive feast is organized in their honor.

Parents surround their daughters with care and attention, which is so lacking on weekdays. On a holiday, the whole family tries to get together, because such an opportunity rarely appears. It is imperative to capture this in a photo or video to be remembered.

In 2012, the United Nations established International Girls' Day on 11 October.

The holiday is not only a family one, but also socially significant. It is intended to draw the attention of society to the problems of adolescent girls in modern society, difficulties in finding a job, difficulties with studies, discrimination in various spheres of life. It is on this day that it is customary to speak out about the difficulties that interfere with building a career, making more money, and fulfilling a dream.

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The history of the appearance of the holiday

The idea of ​​such a holiday originated in the USA. It was immediately approved and celebrated annually. The name of the holiday sounds like Daughter and Son Labor Day. On this day, parents could take their children with them to work. The guys watched how adults work, how they get money.

Children could understand all the complexities of work, realize that they cannot waste their hard-earned money. The children had increased respect for their parents.

In the United States, the holiday is also held to draw attention to girls, to strengthen their self-esteem. A patriarchal society contributes to the uneven distribution of labor and capital in favor of the male population. Girl's Day is meant to fight this.

In India, National Girls' Day is celebrated on January 24th.

Celebration: traditions

On the day of the holiday, no matter what date it is celebrated, it is customary to have a fun and interesting time. Social services usually prepare exhibitions, galleries, meetings with interesting people, and organize contests. The family circle develops its own traditions, which they cherish and pass on to future generations.

Daughter's Day is still a young holiday, traditions have not yet taken shape, they will be formed in our families. The holiday is a good reason to gather at a common family table, arrange a photo session, which will remain in good memory.

You can come up with a special dish, in the preparation of which the daughters of the family will take part, showing their culinary skills. A special competition for representatives of the female part of a large family for ingenuity, logic and erudition will become a good tradition. Men can prepare competition tasks and small sweet prizes.

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Gifts and greetings

In the era of the accessible internet, congratulations can be sent out quickly. On Daughter's Day, you need to congratulate your daughters, do not forget all relatives, daughters of friends, acquaintances, friends, colleagues. Everyone on this day deserves attention.The Internet will help with the choice of sincere congratulations and beautiful postcards.

Gifts must be selected according to age. Kids are always happy with sweets and bright toys. Older girls can already be consulted or asked by their parents. Now there is a huge choice, but the wishes have now become diverse.

With a teenage girl, you can go to the mall and choose a gift.

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The meaning of Daughter's Day

The main task of Daughter's Day is to draw the attention of the world community to the problems of girls in the family. Many peoples love daughters less than sons. The birth of a girl is considered shameful, and the birth of a boy is honorable. This attitude exists in the 21st century as well. Daughter's Day encourages the elimination of such discrimination.

All girls who are born are future successors of the clan. Nature arranged the female body very cleverly. There will be enough genetic male material in it for a long time. If there are no men on Earth, life will not stop, the mechanism of parthenogenesis will start working in a woman's body.


Daughter's Day is a new holiday for Russians, but it is close to family values ​​and traditions of the people. When Daughter's Day is celebrated in 2021 in Russia, many people will gather for the festive events. Gradually more and more people learn about this day. In families, traditions of celebrating the holiday are being formed. In society, the attitude towards representatives of the female heart is changing.

In 2021, Russia will celebrate Girl's Day on April 25. The goal of the holiday was to form a respectful attitude towards female representatives. In different countries, Daughter's Day may be celebrated on other days.

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