Enrique Iglesias Showed How He Plays With Twins In The Yard

Enrique Iglesias Showed How He Plays With Twins In The Yard
Enrique Iglesias Showed How He Plays With Twins In The Yard

Video: Enrique Iglesias Showed How He Plays With Twins In The Yard

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The video will turn out to be very funny.


Famous Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova and Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias recently became parents with many children. Their daughter Masha was born on January 30th. The girl became the third child in a stellar family. In addition to her, Enrique and Anna have already raised twins - the son of Nicholas and the daughter of Lucy. It was they who recently again riveted the attention of fans. The fact is that Enrique posted on his page a video about how he plays with his eldest daughter and son in the yard.

Hold on!

- the singer briefly signed the video.

“So sweet, send you my love and kisses from Greece ️”, “I thought the children would still pull off your pants! How funny they are!”,“Cool dad! ", "I do not know what to say. It's fine! "," Wow, you are so cute "- note the subscribers, being touched by the video on the Web. They are sure that Enrique is a wonderful father, because he loves his children so much.

Recall that Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias began dating back in 2001. And at the end of 2017, they became parents for the first time. They had two children at once - a boy Nicholas and a girl Lucy. And in January it became known about the appearance of the third child - the daughter of Masha. Moreover, if earlier Anna and Enrique tried to hide family life from prying eyes, now they sometimes publish posts about children on social networks. For example, fans already know what Masha looks like.

By the way, Anna recently changed her last name on social networks, provoking rumors about a secret wedding with Enrique. But even after that, no further details about the alleged celebration came from the couple.

We add that Anna and Enrique spent about 600 thousand dollars to make the house and surroundings safe for kids. They surrounded the territory of the house with a five-meter wall, built a fence around the pool, erected another two-story house and secured literally every piece of land surrounding their home.

And Enrique himself has already admitted: fatherhood has changed his attitude towards his family.

I love my new life! Now I am in a hurry home after work to see Anna and the children as soon as possible. I began to understand my parents better when I had children myself, - said Enrique on the air of the Spanish show Un Nuevo Día.

Photo, video: Instagram @enriqueiglesias, @annakournikova

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