Beggar Children Flooded The Streets Of Kostroma

Beggar Children Flooded The Streets Of Kostroma
Beggar Children Flooded The Streets Of Kostroma

Video: Beggar Children Flooded The Streets Of Kostroma

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Video: The Children of Leningradsky 2023, January

The streets of Kostroma were filled with teenage beggars, I learned KOSTROMA.TODAY. The townspeople write about children begging for change in social networks. According to them, schoolchildren are always well dressed - by their appearance, one cannot say that children are from disadvantaged families.


“At the shopping center“Seven”a boy begs for money from passers-by. Decently dressed. He says he is lost, he needs money for travel. Mom's phone number does not know, the offer was refused to personally bring to the house or to contact the police station. A man was watching his actions. Apparently, this is the person forcing him to do this! The boy is scared and stutters, "wrote the Kostroma.

And this is not the first time the townspeople have met children with an outstretched hand.

“My colleague and I were walking along Simanovskiy Street. A 12-year-old boy walked towards me and asked every passer-by for a change. Before us, a woman gave him 20 rubles. After that, he came up to us and asked for money for travel,”said one of the Kostroma residents.

Commentators on social networks noted that beggar children are more often found at the entrances to shopping centers.

“I regularly see the same student at RIO. Always asks for a ride. Something strange is happening with the children,”said the Kostromich.

The townspeople ask the administration of shopping centers to call the police if schoolchildren ask for money at the entrances to the building. Kostroma residents worry that children may be forced to beg.

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