Anastasia Tregubova, Host Of "Good Morning": "Everybody Goes On Tiptoe At Home So That Mom Can Sleep"

Anastasia Tregubova, Host Of "Good Morning": "Everybody Goes On Tiptoe At Home So That Mom Can Sleep"
Anastasia Tregubova, Host Of "Good Morning": "Everybody Goes On Tiptoe At Home So That Mom Can Sleep"

Video: Anastasia Tregubova, Host Of "Good Morning": "Everybody Goes On Tiptoe At Home So That Mom Can Sleep"

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Anastasia Tregubova


Anastasia Tregubova and Anton Privolnov

Anastasia Tregubova

Anastasia Tregubova

Anastasia Tregubova with her husband Alexander

Anastasia Tregubova with her daughter Lisa and son Misha

Anastasia Tregubova with children

Anastasia Tregubova

Anastasia Tregubova

Anastasia, for the first time you became a mother quite early, at the age of 23. Weren't you afraid for the future, that you will miss out on time, career opportunities?

Then I started my television career, I hosted the "Fitness" program on MTV with Archie. We worked not only in the frame: then there was an action “Become an MTV VJ” all over the country, and it was necessary to hold auditions in different cities. In the position of flying so often I could not, so I had to leave work for a while. Of course, at 23 it seems that you can miss a lot, but the choice was not before me. Child! Work will wait. Of course, there were fears about a career, but when you feel your continuation inside, you realize that a woman's destiny is to be a mother, everything else fades into the background.

Lisa appeared and I resumed my career. Maybe it wasn't so easy. But in the end we now have what we have: I work on Channel One, I have two children, and I am pregnant with a third. And now I have no fears, on the contrary, I feel a surge of strength. I know that I can do everything: give birth, and stay on maternity leave, and return to work. For me, this is already an understandable process. For myself, I made a decision that after giving birth I have to do something serious in my career. As long as there is time, I think and make Napoleonic plans.

You are now expecting your third baby. Planning to go on maternity leave?

Judging by practice, a month is needed anyway in order to recover after childbirth, to establish a life, since there will already be three children. In the morning you have to take to school, after - to the circles. Children study in different places and the logistics are complicated.

In a month or a month and a half, I will probably start going on the air. And exactly in May I will already be fully functional. There was a working discussion recently on May 9th. On this day, the "Festive TV Channel" begins the broadcast: our presenters travel to different cities and broadcast live broadcasts from there. Last year I worked in St. Petersburg, let's see what happens this time.

A classic question about how you manage to combine work and family. It should be particularly difficult in your case. Still, there are two children, and soon there will be three. Who helps? Parents, nannies, husband? How do you manage to keep up with everything?

Both grandmothers will help - my mother and my husband's mother. Of course, older children are also willing to take part. To do everything, you probably need to properly organize your time. On days when I have morning broadcasts, I try not to plan anything else. In general, I don't even know how I succeed in everything: to bring up children, and to participate in their school programs, to take care of my family, career, to take care of myself, to travel. In addition to the ability to organize time, this is also the support of loved ones. My children understand that mom works. And when mom comes home from work, screams are never heard in the house. Everyone goes on tiptoe to get Mom to sleep. I couldn't have done it without family support.

Do you exercise during pregnancy? Do you attend any special classes?

I definitely go to the pool. And I just swim and do water aerobics for pregnant women. Why water? For us, this is a natural environment. And the child is inside in the water, and we got out of there. In the classroom, the load is light, but useful, for all muscle groups. You relax, enjoy yourself and keep yourself in good shape.

I also like to walk.Not far from our house there is a park where I walk, whenever possible, breathe the air. On November 1, my column "Gymnastics for Pregnant Women" started at the First, where I show you what elementary exercises you can do at home and in the gym. The most important thing I would like to note: any sports activity is allowed only with the permission of the doctor who is observing you. Pregnancy is different for everyone, and there are situations when sports are contraindicated. But if everything is fine, then a little physical activity is needed. And when you give birth, after a while you can start more active training.

And after giving birth, as usual, do you get in shape?

I recover very quickly after childbirth, and I do not gain much. During this pregnancy, I will probably add about 12 kilograms, everything corresponds to the norms. When I was waiting for Lisa, I gained 9 kilograms, with Misha - about 15. As soon as the doctors give permission, I will start playing sports, going to massages. And I plan to return to my previous form in two months.

Are you planning to arrange a photo session while in an interesting position? Many stars, for example, are shot nude … Is that acceptable to you?

I have a desire to make a photo shoot pregnant, I have not yet decided how it will look. One thing I know for sure: if there are nude pictures, no one will see them except me and my husband. For family archives only. I know for sure that I want a classic shooting, maybe I will even try on two cardinal images: one gentle, and the second rocker. And I am ready to share such shots, in beautiful clothes, both with you and with subscribers on my Instagram.

How do you feel about the fact that stars who have husbands and children are often criticized for candid photo shoots and outfits?

Before I post something somewhere, I always talk with my husband about this moment. From my vacation in Greece, I posted pictures in a swimsuit: we wanted to share the atmosphere, emotions. Yes, and it seems to me that the photos turned out to be beautiful. But this is the maximum frankness that I am now capable of.

Husbands are often jealous of such photographs. And I understand them. Probably, any man will be unpleasant when others look at his woman. Therefore, my husband and I are discussing this. Every year I have fewer and fewer revealing outfits, and with the advent of my third child, I think there will be even fewer of them. The children are looking at me, Lisa already has a phone with the Internet, she can see my social networks too. And I should be an example for children. I am no longer 23, and the status obliges.

Share your beauty secrets. What are you doing with your skin, hair, what procedures do you like?

I don't have a huge number of cosmetic jars. I use the Cellcosmet set that my husband gave me. My treatment consists of four phases: washing, cleansing, regenerating emulsion and cream. And there are some magic sticks from the pharmacy. This is "Malavit", which helps with redness and inflammation, and cream "F-99" is an irreplaceable assistant in the cold season. If, upon returning home from the cold, apply this cream, then the skin will recover very quickly.

For hair, I use the Goldwell line, which helps to restore damaged hair. From salon procedures I love "Absolute Happiness for Hair" from Lebel. After that, you leave the salon as new, with beautiful and well-groomed hair.

As the host of the Good Morning program, advise how to wake up properly and what to do to make the morning really good? Especially when it's Monday morning with a busy week ahead. What is the source of cheerfulness and uplifting for you?

Good morning is a way of life, and even getting up at 3:30 in the morning does not overshadow it. I am pleased to wake up the whole country, to charge the audience with energy and positiveness. This gives me a boost of vivacity myself. We are asked: "Why are you so cheerful and why are you so cheerful at five o'clock in the morning?" This, probably, already somehow automatically happens, because you understand what responsibility you have.

I get ready in the morning quickly: a contrast shower, coffee, yogurt with dried fruits, a piece of chocolate. I get into the car, turn on cheerful music, sing along to my favorite songs, do verbal gymnastics, pronouncing tongue twisters. So I raise my mood and develop the vocal apparatus.

Photo: personal archive, instagram

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