"I Want To Stroke." Why Horse Riding And Touring Artists Are Dangerous

"I Want To Stroke." Why Horse Riding And Touring Artists Are Dangerous
"I Want To Stroke." Why Horse Riding And Touring Artists Are Dangerous

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Live bears, chanterelles, monkeys, horses and other animals always arouse the interest of children. Therefore, traveling animal circuses, zoos, and even skating have long become a profitable business. Seeing an animal, the child immediately pulls the parents by the hand in his direction, and in case of refusal, he can use the secret weapon in the form of tears. But, as recent events in Krasnokamsk show, it is better to be careful with touring animals. Read more in the material "AiF-Prikamye".


Walk with the aftermath

A traveling circus is on tour in the Perm Territory. A resident of Krasnokamsk, Roman Varov, reported on social networks that a white horse from this zoo had bitten his six-year-old daughter.

It happened on June 26th. The wife of the Krasnokamtsa with four children went for a walk to the square, which will house a traveling circus. The children wanted to see the animals. But on the spot it turned out that several pets (a white horse, a pony and a camel) were walking outside the circus fence without the supervision of employees.

“When the wife and children passed the horse, Tatiana told her eldest daughter Nastya not to approach the animal. Then Tatyana turned to the carriage in which the youngest daughter Vika was sitting. And a few seconds later, turning back, she saw Nastya already flying over this horse,”says Roman Varov.

The frightened wife immediately dialed her husband's number: "Come, we have an emergency." The man rushed to the place, stayed with the children, while the mother took the injured daughter to the hospital. The children's traumatologist treated the wound and wrote in the certificate that the girl had a hematoma. Now Nastya cannot stand up.

At this time, Roman went to look for the administration of the circus in order to get an explanation.

“There was no manual. The employees spoke to me in a rude manner, saying that they were tired of repeating to passers-by not to approach the animals. As a result, another girl came up, apologized for the rudeness of other employees and offered to take our whole family to the circus for free. I refused, and she began to call some people,”says the father.

The man reported the incident to the police. The juvenile affairs inspector came to the family's home to record all the circumstances of the incident.

Mother herself is to blame

In a traveling circus, the fact of the incident is not denied, but they believe that the parents themselves are to blame.

“An animal is an animal. I want to say that all sanitary standards have been passed, all veterinary documents are in place. Not a single adequate parent will bring a child to a dog, a pony, a horse, or a bear. Now, don't ask me questions, but the guardianship authorities,”said a man on the phone, who introduced himself as Dmitry, the organizer of the circus.

The victim's dad agrees that the incident is the fault of the parents. But he believes that circus employees should not let animals go for a walk unattended. In addition, warning signs must be installed so that people understand the danger. But that was not the case. At the same time, the representative of the zoo claims that the animals are not on free range, but next to the circus, and there is always an employee next to the animals who watches over them.

“The woman who was with the child at the time of the emergency was drunk. Here is every first drunk in Krasnokamsk. I don’t understand at all why the question was so inflated due to the fact that something was bitten by the child,”said the organizer of the circus.

Roman Varov claims that his wife does not drink alcohol at all. She gave birth to her youngest daughter nine months ago.

Now the circumstances of the incident are being checked by the police.The employees have already interviewed the parents of the girl, and the organizers of the circus, and officials from the administration of the Krasnokamsk settlement, which gave permission to operate the circus in the City.

“We have no complaints against them, they work legally, they have submitted all the documents, and they are in order. The animals were outside the circus fence only on June 26, the day the circus arrived, and according to our data, the animals were tied to the trees. People themselves must understand that there is no need to approach the animals,”the administration of the Krasnokamsk urban settlement commented on the situation.

By the way, on that very day a monkey escaped from the circus. She was found a day later on an apple tree near a private house. It was also reported on social networks that shortly before the incident with a horse, a circus camel who was free to walk grabbed a girl by the hand.

Contact Rospotrebnadzor and the court

“Everything that happens to people when they consume any services is controlled by Rospotrebnadzor. First of all, victims should file a complaint there in order to initiate an inspection. If after the incident they contacted the doctors, they must attach a copy of the medical documents,”advises Perm lawyer and animal rights activist Georgy Sitnikov.

According to him, in this situation, you also need to go to this supervisory authority.

“The fact that the injured girl was not a consumer of the service at the time of the emergency does not relieve the animal owners of responsibility. And here, anyway, I would advise you to contact Rospotrebnadzor. Because here entrepreneurs are clearly creating factors that adversely affect people, the expert believes. - It is correct that the girl's parents went to the police. They must be notified of the results of the check. This document and a medical certificate will need to be attached to the statement of claim, if the family deems it necessary to collect compensation for moral damage from the owners of the circus through the court."

The fact that seemingly safe animals can be dangerous is evidenced by the facts. For example, in 2015 in the Nizhny Novgorod region, in an equestrian center, a gelding in a paddock contrived and bit an eight-year-old girl on the cheek. The doctors had to sew up the wound, and then heal the child for a long time. Already in 2018, her parents went to court with a claim for compensation for moral damage. Well, in April 2017, a resident of the Jewish Autonomous Region died after a horse bit him in the neck. The pensioner simply walked along the street on which the pet was walking unattended.

I want a pony

There is another horse topic that worries many parents. For many years on the streets of any city you can meet teenagers inviting children to ride their donkey, pony, horse or camel. Many children tearfully beg the adults to ride, and the parents pay. And this business is profitable, otherwise the horsemen would not guard the children with their parents at kindergartens, clinics and places of public recreation. On social networks, parents are often outraged, because all this is the most that neither is speculation on children's emotions.

“This business often operates illegally. For example, in Perm there are only three special places where horse riding is allowed. Nevertheless, it happens wherever possible. The municipal authorities, which are supposed to control the activities of such entertainments, are not involved in this,”says Georgy Sitnikov.

But it's not just the fact that the horse riding and animal riding business operates everywhere without permits. If the pony throws off the baby, bites or kicks, where then to look for the owner? There will be no one to complain to Rospotrebnadzor, and it is also not clear from whom to recover compensation in court. But at the same time, horses and donkeys are accompanied, as a rule, by children, who are legally difficult to bring to justice.

In addition, there is no guarantee that all these street animals are healthy and their health documents are in order.After all, it is not clear in what conditions the animals are kept, what are they fed, if necessary, are they treated? It is difficult for an ordinary person to determine if a horse is sick, for example, with rabies. In any case, they often look very pitiful and exhausted. Therefore, it is, in principle, risky to let such children approach their children.

“Functions for monitoring the conditions of keeping animals in traveling circuses, zoos, etc. lies with Selkhoznadzor and the State Veterinary Inspectorate. Our practice of working with these bodies has shown that they react rather sluggishly to statements and do not find significant violations. One of the main reasons for this is that in Russia the work of traveling circuses and zoos is not regulated by regulations,”says Georgy Sitnikov.

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