Svetlana Permyakova Showed Her Grown Daughter

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Svetlana Permyakova Showed Her Grown Daughter
Svetlana Permyakova Showed Her Grown Daughter

Video: Svetlana Permyakova Showed Her Grown Daughter

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The girl loves to be creative.


The famous actress, star of the Parma KVN team, radio host Svetlana Permyakova is raising her only daughter. On July 21, Varvara will be 8 years old. The girl grows up to be a creative child. So, the daughter of a celebrity decided to show how she spends her time with benefit on vacation. The actress posted a funny video on her personal blog. The fans were amazed at how the baby had grown noticeably.

Summer. Relaxation. Dacha. Permian.

Starring - Varvara Scriabin

- wrote the star mom.

"Mommy's joy! Happiness! Pride! Health, love to you, fulfillment of your dreams! "," How quickly she grew up !!! "," Such a cool daughter! And mommy is always on top !! "," Class "," Clever girl, beauty ", - comments the audience on Instagram.

Recall that for several years the star met with her assistant and subsequently director Maxim Scriabin. The almost 20-year age difference did not bother the lovers, but they never officially registered their relationship. In July 2012, Svetlana and Maxim had a daughter, Varvara. The couple broke up, but managed to maintain excellent friendships and business relationships.

By the way, Svetlana Permyakova opened a children's theater and a theater studio in the center of Moscow in 2018. Together with the guys, the daughter of a celebrity is also studying acting. Probably, Svetlana Permyakova is not at all opposed to the girl following in her footsteps. Varvara's father, former lover of the actress, producer Maxim Scriabin, also works in the theater. Despite the breakup, they continue to work together.

Photo, video: Instagram @s_permyakova

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