Anna Sedokova Shared The Good News About Reuniting With Children

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Anna Sedokova Shared The Good News About Reuniting With Children
Anna Sedokova Shared The Good News About Reuniting With Children

Video: Anna Sedokova Shared The Good News About Reuniting With Children

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The singer hinted about this on her Instagram page.


A popular singer, ex-soloist of the group "VIA Gra" Anna Sedokova posted a video on the social network in which her son Hector pronounces the word "mother".

Publication from ANNSEDOKOV (@annasedokova)

5 Jul 2018 at 11:34 PDT

“When your baby sends you his first video message ️ ️ ️ I watched it a thousand times yesterday! And I can't even imagine why I am so happy) So I decided to share it with you, because you have always supported me so much,”the singer signed the touching video.

And I also want to say that we will be all together very soon) Here ️

- Anna Sedokova shared the good news.

Recall that some time ago, a popular singer told the public that for many months she had been fighting with her ex-husband for her middle child - daughter Monica. According to the star, she does not know why the man intends to deprive her of parental rights and because of what she should see the baby exclusively in the presence of the guards.

Mine is EVERYTHING! My world, my happiness, my life! Hector, Alinka and our sister Monica ️ We miss you very much, our girl and we believe that everything will be fine and everyone will live together! #GREAT LOVE ALWAYS ️

Publication from ANNSEDOKOV (@annasedokova)

14 May 2018 at 11:27 PDT

However, at the end of June, the details of Anna Sedokova's "war" with her ex-husband for her daughter became known. The ex-mother-in-law of the artist unexpectedly decided to publicly tell her version of what was happening. She wrote several comments on the Instagram social network that allow you to look at the story in a completely different light.

I have a question for everyone who cares for Monica. Why didn't anyone ask Sedokova, but show Anya the document where it is written that this scoundrel Maxim wants to deprive you of parental rights. And make a screen of the court decision why you see your daughter in the presence of a court representative. But if tomorrow someone writes that you have escaped from Durka and nasty things will fall on you, how will you? For about a month my family has been going through this.

- writes the user @chernyavskamarina on the Web, who introduced herself as Monica's grandmother.

Publication from ANNSEDOKOV (@annasedokova)

Oct 21, 2017 at 5:18 am PDT

Moreover, the woman claims that due to Anna Sedokova's reluctance to sign an amicable agreement, her daughter cannot go abroad and spend her holidays at sea: “And now I have a question for Anna. Why has she still not signed the settlement agreement that she received in early June? Monica has vacation since June 15 and we wanted to improve the child's health at sea. And here I am, an "old bastard", on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, expecting a child, rented a house, Monica's friends arrived, but Monica herself is gone, mom has no time to sign or does she not care, where is her beloved daughter?"

According to ex-mother-in-law Anna Sedokova, the conflict began due to the fact that Monica had to go to school, and at the same time, the artist was planning to shoot in the project "Around the world during maternity leave." The girl's dad insisted that she go to study, and was against her participation in the show.

“What is more important - going to school or three months of exhausting travel, flights and filming?.. Nobody took anyone away. Anna built her career, once every three months she returned to Los Angeles for two weeks - and again flew to Moscow. Mona lived constantly with her dad, and it was fine with all of us, and Maxim also paid her alimony, if only she did not touch the child, and now Monica has grown up, you can earn money on her, advertising clothes, shooting, etc., and why study - why? But dad decided that the girl would go to school and not work,”the woman said.

Later, her comments from Monica's father's blog were removed, and Anna Sedokova herself has not yet responded to them.

However, now the audience has a hope that Anna will finally embrace her daughter and all "wars" will end. “I am very glad that everything ends well, let all your children be with you”, “My son is just a little miracle ️ happiness to your family! God grant that everything with Mo will be resolved well! Children should be with mom !!! "," I'm very happy for you ️ ️ ️ ️ "," And in general, to tears … you are a super mom … you have great kids … God forbid you female happiness and every day to hug all the children. "," I quietly whisper to you, Anechka, how great it is))) what happiness) quietly, so that everything succeeds, so as not to frighten off !!! ", - her subscribers rejoiced for the singer.

Photo: @annasedokova

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