Sukhankina: The Secrets Of Raising Children

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Sukhankina: The Secrets Of Raising Children
Sukhankina: The Secrets Of Raising Children

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Video: The Secret to Raising Children 2023, January

In her new column, singer and performer of all the golden hits of the Mirage group, mother of two adopted children, Margarita Sukhankina, spoke about her personal example.

In most cases, children with the glory of their parents initially have a difficult relationship. Some boast at every step that their dads and mothers are stars, while others, after watching the Star Life series, dream of growing up and shining in the glory as soon as possible. In this sense, the family of Margarita Sukhankina is an atypical case. Her children, in principle, did not know for a very long time who their mother was working for. And Margarita herself has a special relationship with fame.

I was not even five years old when my parents took me to the Palace of Pioneers, which was located on the Lenin Hills. During one of the concerts I sang "There was a birch in the field." They applauded every child, but then it seemed to me that they didn’t applaud anyone the way they clapped to me. Of course, now I no longer remember whether this was really so or whether it was just strong childhood emotions. After this performance, the teachers began to say that I had excellent vocal abilities, and they began to try me as a soloist in the choir.

But I always looked at my parents who work so hard (they are engineers). I thought that singing is not the best way to make money.

But then I realized that you can get not only money from work, but also pleasure. And this is, in fact, an amazing thing!

I understood what popularity is, when guys from another department came up to me in the conservatory's buffet and began to sing: “The music has tied me up!” I tell them: “Quiet! Stop it! " And they: “Rita, well, admit it’s you! Your timbre cannot be confused! " However, there was one more case. At about the same time in the south, I met a young man. We went for a walk with him, and suddenly the same song sounded from the speakers. I ask him: "Do you know who sings?" And I myself answer proudly: "Me!" He told me: “You're out of your mind. This is "Mirage"! " And I realized: here it is - glory! (laughs)

Earlier, from staying at home, I began to "suffocate". I needed to work, to realize myself. But with the advent of children in my life, I began to look at it differently.

And if earlier I had a groundhog day “work-home, home-work”, now everything has changed - I just fly to where my children are.

I began to strive more to go home, I began to bring incredible joy to such things as cooking, cleaning - all the household chores for which I previously had neither the strength nor the time. Nevertheless, no one canceled the departures and tours (I am almost the only breadwinner in the family). Children have taken it easy for a long time. They accompany me and ask: “Mom, are you going to work? Will you bring us gifts later?"

And you know, when you go on tour, you come back, and the children are already different. And I really don't want to miss something!

Everywhere we go, different people come up to me all the time, make compliments, ask for an interview, and, of course, the children at first did not understand why there was such a stir around their mother. Only later did they find out that my mother is a singer, a famous person. But this did not affect them in any way, I don’t focus on this at home, I’m just a mother and that's it.

It would seem that the way out is to at least periodically take them to work with you. But this is not my case. I take work very seriously - I should be there alone and nothing should distract me.

If there are children nearby, then I will not serve the audience, but Lera and Seryozha.

But when it comes to creativity, I listen to the guys. They are a completely different generation and can suggest some interesting things. If you want to know, in principle, I treat my children as teachers - then we pass something on to them, then they give us something.

Lera and Seryozha teach me the correct perception and understanding of myself now, myself in childhood.Once I thought that I should be the first in everything, that everything should be my way. But with children it is generally impossible to adhere to this position. They also have their own opinion and cannot be suppressed.

Sometimes you scold children - and you yourself suffer terribly from this.

I was in the Far East for a week and arrived when the children were supposed to be asleep. But I come home, and Lera got up and quietly walks around the house. And I scolded her from the doorway for not being in bed. And then it dawned on me that she decided not to go to bed, but to wait for me and meet first. And I scold her for that! I was so worried about this, so reproached myself. But everything does not work out perfectly, I study too

As for the attitude of my children to fame, so far they do not dream of any "stellar" career. As a professional musician, I initially checked both voices and hearing, and I realized for myself that they did not have any special data. But it so happened that I became friends with the director of a music school not far from home. And she told me: "Lead your children!" We began to study, and I was amazed that in just a year Seryozha had a huge repertoire, he can play the most complicated things on the piano - Schubert, for example. He listens to me, concentrates instantly, knows different musical themes, and even begins to compose some improvisations himself!

I don’t think about a musical career for Seryozha, but about Leruska I don’t know. Everything can be!

She enjoys dancing. We are constantly in a creative process and really all skills are developing.

I understood the main thing: there is no need to wait for some data to appear, you just need to deal with the children - and you will be surprised where that comes from!

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