Natalia Karpovich: Large Families Receive Comprehensive Support From The City

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Natalia Karpovich: Large Families Receive Comprehensive Support From The City
Natalia Karpovich: Large Families Receive Comprehensive Support From The City

Video: Natalia Karpovich: Large Families Receive Comprehensive Support From The City

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About 1.5 million families live in Moscow, bringing up more than 2.1 million children. 11% of them have many children - more than 160 thousand families. However, their number has tripled in 10 years and continues to grow. Vechernyaya Moskva spoke with Natalya Karpovich, head of the public organization Association of Large Families in Moscow, about supporting large families in the capital.


- Natalya Nikolaevna, in Moscow the number of large families is noticeably increasing. Please tell us what families can count on, who will soon have a third child and become large?

- Moscow treats large families very warmly. Families can count on a whole range of support in all areas: education, medicine, social support, transport, communications.

- What payments are due to large families in Moscow?

- There are a number of payments in connection with the increase in the cost of living and for compensation of utilities that families receive on a monthly basis. Once a year, the city allocates 10,560 rubles for a uniform for each student. It is enough to issue this payment once before the child enters school, and every May these funds will come automatically. Large families have a 30 percent discount on utility bills and a 50 percent discount on overhaul payments.

In addition, families are provided with dairy products for children up to seven years old, free medicines until the child turns 18 years old.

Public transport for children and one parent is also free. You can also use commuter trains for free.

In Moscow, about 40 thousand large families use private cars. Parking is free for them. But it must be renewed every year.

- Are there any preferences for large families when entering kindergarten and school?

Yes, large families have the primary right to a child's place in kindergarten. Almost all kindergartens in Moscow for large families are free. At school, children are entitled to free two meals a day.

- Many people still believe that large families receive maternity capital for each child.

Well, unfortunately, this is not the case yet. However, those families who are planning to have a third child can receive substantial benefits on mortgage interest, as well as 450 thousand rubles in mortgage payments. If you add up the capital and 450 thousand rubles, you get almost a million. Substantial support.

- What other support do families with three or more children receive?

- It is important to note that Moscow is the only region where the family has many children until the youngest child turns 18.

Muscovites can count on exemption from transport tax and a very large discount on property tax payments.

It is important to note that mothers of three children have the right to retire at 57 years old, and mothers of four children at 56 years old. Mothers of five children retire at 50.

- What kind of help can families in your association receive?

- First of all, we inform large families about the assistance that they are entitled to, or those changes in legislation that may affect the life of the family. Our coordinators and curators provide more than 40 thousand consultations a year. Lawyers advise free of charge on a wide range of issues completely free of charge and even represent the interests of families in court.

In addition, our association has an important feature - we act as a link between the wishes of families and all levels of government.

Here's an example: as soon as self-isolation was announced, families began to ask us questions about whether the preferential meals that children were entitled to at school would somehow be compensated for, our association turned to the relevant departments. Literally in a matter of days, the Moscow government decided to issue food packages, and after another 10 days, boxes with 20 kg of food began to be issued in schools. Then the same kits began to be given out to large families in kindergartens.

But in general, we want all families to feel taken care of themselves and to know that there is a place where they are ready to help them in any situation - this is the Association of Large Families in Moscow.

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