Muscovite Is Recognized As The Most Fashionable Dad In Russia

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Muscovite Is Recognized As The Most Fashionable Dad In Russia
Muscovite Is Recognized As The Most Fashionable Dad In Russia

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On Saturday, June 20, the final of the All-Russian family festival "Daddy's Day - 2020" was held online.


Male parents with their families represented the capital in the unique all-Russian project “Father's Day”, which this year took place online. The event, as usual, was timed to coincide with International Father's Day, which fell on June 21 this year.

More than four thousand fathers from all over the country took part in a large-scale online competition, who were to compete for the main prize in seven nominations: "Sports Dad", "Musical Dad", "Culinary Dad", "Smart Dad", "Fashion Dad", "Super Dad" and "The Tale of Dad". To become a participant, dads had to prepare and send videos with their best presentations for evaluation by the jury.

The activity of the Moscow dads was a real surprise for the organizers of the festival. In total, 547 applications were received from the capital's fathers and their families, and 41 representatives of the capital entered the final part. Muscovites won in two nominations. Denis Stakhanov, a participant in many contests for large families, became the "Super Dad".

- When the head of the family is the most cheerful, the most active, a jack of all trades, and even a hero, it is difficult not to become a superdad, - Yulia Stakhanova is proud of her husband.

But the most fashionable dad of Russia was Muscovite Alexei Antonov. He also took second place in the "Smart Dad" nomination. Alexey said that the most important treasures in his life are his wife Catherine and six children, the eldest of whom is 11 years old, and the youngest one year old.

- The most difficult thing in raising children? To come to a common opinion with my mother, - Alexey Antonov smiles.

The family lives in the Babushkinsky district of the capital. They spend every weekend at a dacha near Moscow. Here a joint idea was born to take part in the festival.

- In "Fashionable Dad" it was necessary to help children create an image, to do their hair. Our dad did my hair with the help of a vacuum cleaner, - laughs Ekaterina Antonova.

The whole family helped him. This is their common victory, the head of the family is sure.


Natalya Karpovich, Chairman of the Association of Large Families in Moscow:

- Father and mother are two wings for a child. Without one wing, a child cannot fly.

Therefore, it is very important that the dad can reveal his full potential in raising his baby, taking a direct part in this.

It is important to educate boys correctly, who in the future will pass on to their children the unique experience they received from their fathers. Someday the boy will also become a father, and it is his dad who forms the future man, husband and head of the family in childhood.

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