Life Is Like A Ring: Natalia Karpovich Told How She Reflected The Blows Of Fate

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Life Is Like A Ring: Natalia Karpovich Told How She Reflected The Blows Of Fate
Life Is Like A Ring: Natalia Karpovich Told How She Reflected The Blows Of Fate

Video: Life Is Like A Ring: Natalia Karpovich Told How She Reflected The Blows Of Fate

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Mother of six children, boxer, State Duma deputy Natalya Karpovich in "The Fate of a Man" talks about the blows her life inflicted on her. But she "rose" - and in the end, in all situations, she emerged victorious.


Although there were moments when Natalia did not see the light at the end of the tunnel. So it was when her first husband, from whom she gave birth to a child a few days before her 18th birthday, left for another a few years later. Moreover, beating her until her jaw fractures. She, when the ex-husband got into trouble, helped to save him.

At the same time, in order to feed herself and her daughter, Natalya worked as a cleaner, physical education teacher, and then graduated from the Bear bodyguard training school in St. Petersburg and became a bodyguard.

Once she got into a situation when she realized: her daughter cannot be left without a mother, her work is too dangerous. And soon Sergey Karpovich appeared in Natalia's life. Married to him, Natalya admits, she was truly happy as a woman. In this marriage, Natalya gave birth to a son, and soon her husband was diagnosed with cancer of the fourth degree.

Six months later, he was gone, despite all possible attempts to cure Sergei. So in the late 1990s, Karpovich was left alone with two children and without a penny of money.

Recalling that difficult time, Natalya tells how every morning she went to the cemetery and lay on the grave - it seemed to her that life was over.

In a few years she will write the book "Chernobyl. Pages of Life and Love".

However, life continued to involve Natalia in its plots. Ahead of her was a boxing ring and coach Nikolai Kibkalo. Six years later, they realized that they were connected not only by boxing. The wedding was played in the ring.

They had a daughter, and then Natalya found out that her husband's distant relatives had left a child who was seriously lagging behind in development in the orphanage. She decided to take him to the family. They worked a lot with the child, tried to socialize him, but after five years the doctors made a diagnosis that is incompatible with living in a family.

In other words, this child has become a threat to the lives of Natalia's other children. The child had to be sent to a special institution. This decision was very difficult for her. The press then wrote that she abandoned the supposedly healthy child, and soon the marriage with Kibkalo broke up.

Natalia faced a new stage in her life. Ahead were waiting for new relationships with men, and further disappointments in them, and the birth of children, and sports, and politics. And new love.

How did Natalya experience the death of Sergei Karlovich, and what gave her the strength to continue living? What other disappointments and blows did the female boxer reflect on the path of life? Why did she choose this particular sport?

For what purpose did she go into politics, and what does she remember about one of the most difficult moments - when she had to return her adopted child?

In "The fate of a man with Boris Korchevnikov" - an athlete, politician, mother of many children Natalya Karpovich.

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