The Authorities Have Strict Requirements For The Camps

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The Authorities Have Strict Requirements For The Camps
The Authorities Have Strict Requirements For The Camps

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About a hundred organizations for recreation and recreation of children work in the Moscow region, 38 of them take part in the program of the Moscow government.


A total of 38,765 Moscow children will have a rest this year with free and discounted vouchers provided by Mosgortur.

Moscow schoolchildren rest only in those camps that meet the "Moscow standard", which was approved by their parents.

- Much of what they now want to legitimize at the federal level has long been the norm for us, - says Vasily Ovchinnikov, director of Mosgortur.

So, recreation centers should be fenced, video surveillance cameras are installed on the territory, and servers at security posts, where records are stored during the shift.

“At the same time, children do not live in barracks, but rather in cozy hostels,” Ovchinnikov emphasized.

Mosgortur cooperates with the most comfortable bases. Rooms in the buildings are divided into blocks with all amenities, including a shower room and a toilet.

Specially trained counselors are engaged with children - they go through a compulsory school. In total, 4 thousand counselors have been trained this year, most of whom are students of Moscow universities.


Vladimir Filippov, Deputy Head of the Department of Culture of the City of Moscow:

- We have not reduced the budgetary financing of the children's health campaign by a single ruble, it amounted to 9 billion rubles. In this sense, Moscow remains the leader among Russian regions. These funds will be used to organize recreation for more than 100 thousand Moscow children who will go to country camps or spend the summer in the capital. The geography of outdoor recreation this year includes 7 tourist and resort areas, including the Krasnodar Territory and the Crimea.

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