In The Urals, A Man With A Weapon Defended His Garage From Kids

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In The Urals, A Man With A Weapon Defended His Garage From Kids
In The Urals, A Man With A Weapon Defended His Garage From Kids

Video: In The Urals, A Man With A Weapon Defended His Garage From Kids

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Shadrinsk was shaken by the news of an elderly man who, with a weapon in his hands, decided to protect his garage from small children. The incident took place in the courtyard of one of the houses on Lomonosov Street the night before.


According to local resident Tatiana Vinokurova, whose child was also in the yard, several toddlers aged three to six were playing near a closed garage with a bow and arrow on suction cups. Their parents were there and controlled their children, she says. Suddenly, from the balcony of the second floor, there was a shout: a formidable man demanded that the children move away from his garage. Mothers stood up for their children, a squabble began. It turned out that local children often paint the garage, much to the annoyance of its owner. And this time the man also decided that the children were trying to spoil the appearance of his property.

“Having shouted, he disappeared. After a while, he appeared again and fired. After the shot, the phrase was thrown - “I warned”, - the website URA.RU quotes Tatiana as saying. According to the woman, they did not understand what exactly the shot was fired from. As a result, no one was hurt, but the sounded cotton still greatly frightened the children.

In the end, she called the police and wrote a statement to the shooter. According to Tatyana Vinokurova, the arriving outfit could not get into the apartment to the shooter, as he refused to open the doors for them. The police confirmed to the publication that a check is being carried out on the reported shooting.

Wanting to achieve justice, the woman revealed the identity of the aggressive neighbor. It turned out to be a local entrepreneur Valery Petunin. However, in a conversation with reporters, he said that for the first time he had heard the charges against him. “I left yesterday at 9 am and only returned home at 10 pm,” said Valery Petunin.

In social networks, residents of Shadrinsk are actively discussing what happened. Many are outraged by the police reaction to reports of the shooting. “Didn't open, call riot police! A lot of shooters have spread throughout the country. What are you waiting for? Tragedies? When will he start killing all passers-by from the balcony?.. "- wrote one of the users.

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