Experts Told How Much Children's Shoes Should Weigh

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Experts Told How Much Children's Shoes Should Weigh
Experts Told How Much Children's Shoes Should Weigh

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Experts told how much children's shoes should weigh

Children's shoes should not weigh more than 220 grams - the Ministry of Industry and Trade came to this conclusion. The department has developed amendments to the technical regulation "On the safety of products for children and adolescents."


The experts tested the shoes that are sold in stores. The conclusions were disappointing. As the Ministry of Industry and Trade notes in an explanatory note, almost all summer and winter footwear for toddlers does not meet the requirements of the standards. To determine which shoes and boots have the best effect on posture, experts selected shoes of different weights and examined them on children using the method of computer stabilography. Children in boots of different weights were placed on a special platform with sensors that detect pressure. Each subject had to stand on the platform for 20 seconds in an upright position with open eyes, first without shoes, and then in different models proposed by the experts. On the basis of the data obtained, experts have derived a formula for the ideal shoe weight for each age group. So, for babies up to a year, the weight of winter booties should not exceed 110 grams. For toddlers, winter and mid-season shoes should weigh a maximum of 220 grams. And summer - no more than 120 grams. The authors of the amendments to the technical regulations explain such a difference in weight by the fact that the guys wear winter and autumn boots for a short time outside, so it can be weighty. Summer shoes, sneakers and slippers should be as light as possible, as they are used as a change or house shoes. But summer models for kindergarten children can be made of heavier materials: the permissible weight of a pair is up to 170 grams. And in home slippers for preschoolers, there should be no more than 130 grams of weight.


Dmitry Sorokin, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, comments: “For the health of the child's foot and correct posture, the weight of the shoe does not play a special role. If the child is small, thin, he should choose lighter shoes. For the well-fed, heavier options are suitable. The last, the insole, the back are important. Shoes should be comfortable and made from quality proven materials. If we talk about special orthopedic shoes, then completely different requirements are imposed on them. It is heavier than usual, and in general it is completely different"

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