Sasha Savelyeva Spoke About The Difficult Everyday Life Of A Working Mother

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Sasha Savelyeva Spoke About The Difficult Everyday Life Of A Working Mother
Sasha Savelyeva Spoke About The Difficult Everyday Life Of A Working Mother

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The star complained to Instagram followers.


The ex-soloist of the Fabrika group Sasha Savelyeva became a mother for the first time at the end of March. She gave birth to a son from the famous actor Kirill Safonov. The couple named the baby by the beautiful name Leon. Of course, Sasha devotes a lot of time to his son. She still sits at home a lot with the baby, but she periodically travels somewhere on business. The star is sure that mothers should devote time to their interests, activities and hobbies. However, the son does not always let his mother go easily. Therefore, while working days are not easy for Sasha.

Mom, tell me, why, why, when the next day is shooting or there are many important things - it is the night before that the child sleeps worst of all? So that you wake up every hour, prepare a night snack, but they don't even eat it, so, for the sake of decency, 20ml … And getting up at 6 o'clock (although usually wakes up at 8.30), followed by persuasion "sonny sleep still, get up early, well at least another hour "… Whyyyyy? I hope this isn't forever

- the star complained to subscribers.

“I have to give birth to a second person, I don't want to sleep with the second one at night. Tested on our own experience! Moreover, with the second, it is much easier to combine work and motherhood. Apparently immunity is being developed "," The child feels your excitement "," I had such a daughter. And the second one sleeps until I wake up "," It's always like this. The child protects the mother from processing,”subscribers responded. Many are sure that Sasha is simply worried when she has to leave the child, and the son feels it and tries not to let his mother go anywhere.

By the way, the singer has already noted how important it is for mothers not to forget to take time for themselves: “I'm just sure that every mother needs to get out of the house, at least for a little bit. An hour or two or three be sure to spend on yourself. First of all, asking the question: “What would I like most of all today (tomorrow, the day after tomorrow)?”. And to do it without a twinge of conscience and without internal hysteria "#yazhmat, I have to sit next to each other day and night, and even when the child is asleep."

Recall that since 2010, Kirill Safonov has been married to singer Alexandra Savelyeva. And now the couple have a common child. And before the birth of the baby, Alexander Savelyev easily made friends with the actor's daughter Anastasia from her first marriage. Together, they have already rested at the resorts more than once and had a great time posting pictures on their personal blogs.

The star couple has not yet shown their son on social networks. But sometimes Sasha Savelyeva shares her thoughts on motherhood with fans.

Photo: Instagram @kirill_safonov, @anastasiasaf

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