Sasha Savelyeva Delighted Fans With A Family Photo

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Sasha Savelyeva Delighted Fans With A Family Photo
Sasha Savelyeva Delighted Fans With A Family Photo

Video: Sasha Savelyeva Delighted Fans With A Family Photo

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The star is very happy.

The famous singer, ex-soloist of the Fabrika group Sasha Savelyeva recently became a mother for the first time. The celebrity gave birth to her husband, actor Kirill Safonov, a long-awaited son. The boy was born on March 27, 2019. Happy parents protect the baby from unnecessary attention. They do not publish pictures of their son and tell practically nothing about him. The couple enjoy quiet family happiness.

Day of Family, Love and Fidelity!

How nice it is to celebrate with three

- noted the star.

“I am very happy for you. Wonderful family ️”, “You are so beautiful! Be happy "," What paws, now you are a real family !!! ️ "," The most beautiful and sincere couple of our media time "," I have never seen a sweeter photo, even the mood has risen "," What cool "," Very beautiful couple! You are very suitable for each other! Glad that there are three of YOU now! "," Beautiful ", - comment the fans of the celebrity on Instagram

By the way, Kirill Safonov recently declassified the boy's name. The child was named with the unusual name Leon.

Recall that since 2010 the actor has been married to Alexandra Savelyeva. And now the couple have a common child. And before the birth of the baby, the singer easily made friends with the actor's daughter Anastasia from her first marriage.

Note that neither Sasha Savelyeva nor her husband Kirill Safonov reported for several weeks about the addition to the family. The press periodically reported that the birth of the star was difficult. And doctors fought for the boy's life for a long time. And fortunately, everything worked out. The kid grows up and pleases his parents with his smile alone.

Photo: Instagram @kirill_safonov, @sasha_savelieva

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