Celebrities Who Gave Birth At Home

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Celebrities Who Gave Birth At Home
Celebrities Who Gave Birth At Home

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Famous women know firsthand what a home birth is. And if someone else is thinking whether it is worth giving birth in a hospital or staying at home, then they have chosen the second option. Another question is, how successful was this experience? Jessica Alba


The actress gave birth to her first daughter Honor in the hospital. But the daughter of Haven and the son of Hayes Jessica gave birth at home under the supervision of professionals. During the second and third births, the actress breathed correctly and tried to do everything to make the birth look like meditation. During the birth of all three children, her husband, Ken Warren, was always with his wife. He supported his beloved. Gisele Bundchen

The model gave birth to a son, Benjamin, in 2009 and a daughter, Vivian, in 2012. Both times, Giselle stayed at home. The model said that she did not feel pain, because she felt joy in every moment of childbirth. Alison Hannigan

The actress gave birth to daughters Satyana and Kiva at home. The birth was attended by a midwife and a doula. The husband of the actress Alexis Denisof was there during this process. As Alison said, she did not feel any discomfort during childbirth, but if there were any problems during childbirth, I would definitely go to the hospital. Cindy Crawford

During Cindy Crawford's first pregnancy, she was constantly harassed by journalists. Therefore, the birth of a son at home was a necessary necessity. The birth took place in a calm atmosphere under the supervision of her husband and professionals, so the birth of her daughter Kaya also took place at home. Demmy Moor

The actress in 1988 was so frightened by the stories of her friends about the negligence of doctors that she decided to give birth to her three daughters at home. All childbirth took place at home without any consequences. Jennifer Connelly

After watching the film "Childbirth as a Business", the actress was shocked by the details of how doctors do business with the birth of children. Jennifer decided to give birth to her third child at home. Agness was born at home in the bathroom. Karolina Kurkova

The famous model gave birth to her first child at home. The birth was supervised by a midwife and her husband, Archie Drury. But she gave birth to her second child in comfortable conditions in one of the Miami hospitals. Pamela Anderson

Pamela gave birth to two sons from musician Tommy Lee at home. At the same time, home birth was recommended to the actress by her doctor. Meryl Streep

The actress gave birth to her first child in a hospital. In her second pregnancy, Meryl's friend persuaded her to give birth at home without any intervention. But she gave birth to her third and fourth children in the hospital. Apparently, not everything suited the celebrity at the birth of a daughter at home.

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