5 Stars Who Looked Perfect Right After Giving Birth

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5 Stars Who Looked Perfect Right After Giving Birth
5 Stars Who Looked Perfect Right After Giving Birth

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Svetlana Loboda


In May, Svetlana gave birth to her second child. The girl was born in a Los Angeles clinic. Loboda very quickly returned to its previous shape after giving birth. She did not even go on maternity leave, continuing to perform on stage. On the red carpet, Svetlana appeared in a black dress that emphasized the dignity of her figure. During pregnancy, Loboda's work on the clips did not end. For example, in the SuperStar video, the pregnant singer even danced twerk.

Ksenia Borodina

The famous presenter is raising two daughters. After giving birth to the second, Borodina went on a special diet, combining it with electrical muscle stimulation. Each training session was accompanied by a special suit weighing 3 kg. Thanks to this, the extra pounds were rapidly disappearing. Ksenia paid special attention to proper rest, since she is sure that lack of sleep affects the appearance of excess weight. Currently, the view of the presenter is delightful. She actively shares her new photos, delighting fans.

Anna Khilkevich

After the birth of her first child, Anna continued to appear in the TV series “Univer. New hostel ". She had to cope with eighteen extra pounds in just two and a half months. Anna was on a diet for mothers who are breastfeeding. She also gave up harmful products. When Khilkevich's daughter was a month old, the girl began to visit the pool. In addition, Anna returned to the gym, resuming training. She entered the frame already at the ideal weight. This year, Khilkevich and her husband became the parents of their second child, but Anna looks just gorgeous.

Ksenia Sobchak

At the end of last year, this socialite also became a mother. She had to work hard to get her figure perfect again. Ksenia did yoga, because she so wanted to shine again in a swimsuit. We must pay tribute to her, since the efforts were not in vain. Sobchak again takes a selfie on the lake in a bikini, delighting his fans.

Aiza Dolmatova

A blogger and business woman gave her son to her legal spouse, Dmitry Anokhin. The star says that after the birth of the baby, she could not go to the beach wearing her favorite swimsuit. It was all to blame for the caesarean section, after which experts prohibited Aiza from any physical activity. The girl says that during the second pregnancy she strictly controlled her nutrition, which is why she returned to her previous form almost immediately. Now Dolmatova can boast of a gorgeous figure.

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