Christina Asmus Shared A Rare Photo With Her Parents

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Christina Asmus Shared A Rare Photo With Her Parents
Christina Asmus Shared A Rare Photo With Her Parents

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Earlier, the star admitted that she has a difficult relationship with her mom and dad.


Actress Christina Asmus, known for her roles as Nina in the film Text and Barbara Chernous in the TV series Interns, is in the process of divorcing showman and TV presenter Garik Kharlamov. The couple has already announced that they are parting peacefully and with great respect for each other. Nevertheless, during this difficult period, Christina was decided to be supported by her parents. And the celebrity, it seems, did not give up the opportunity to establish relations with them, because they were not easy from childhood. Recently, the actress published in Inatagram a joint photo with her mom and dad, signing it with the word "Parents ️" (parents - parents).

“Christina, you look like your dad ️ ️ ️”, “Chris. Sweet, beautiful mother. Serious father”,“A wonderful family, ️happy to you ️”,“What wonderful parents Kristina has!”,“You look alike, very much! "," How similar, especially with my mother, "- responded subscribers in the comments.

By the way, Christina recently showed that she managed to persuade her dad to ride an electric scooter with her:

We will remind, recently Christina confessed to reporters - she almost does not communicate with her parents. “Unfortunately, we are not close to my parents. This is my sore subject … I think it’s in me. When for many years you have been fighting for the right to be small, understood, taken in any step you take, even in the wrong, for some kind of attention, for love in a large family, for this right … And when it does not happen until the age of 20, then it is difficult rebuild very much,”Christina said on the radio Energy.

According to the star, her parents were almost not involved in her upbringing, and also did not believe that she could become a successful actress. For some time, Christina did not even communicate with her parents, who paid more attention to the rest of the children in the family. Relations began to improve when the actress managed to achieve success and she got married. “I am very stale. It's already difficult for me. Although I don't see any strong desire,”noted Christina Asmus. Nevertheless, now parents even come to visit, as, for example, the star's dad did.

Recall that Christina Asmus (real name - Myasnikova) grew up in a large family. The star has two older sisters - Ekaterina and Olga and the younger Karina. A celebrity rarely shows family and friends on social networks.

By the way, Christina has a good relationship with her little sister. She considers Karina her best friend and motivator. By the way, Christina has been doing gymnastics with her since childhood. Their parents insisted on this, who dreamed of raising champions from their daughters. But if Christina at the age of 15 clearly decided that she was not on the way with sports, then Karina continued to train and compete. The actress is very proud of her loved one. Now the celebrity's younger sister works as a trainer in the gymnastics hall at Crocus.

We add that Christina's family is not doing well now either. The star is married to showman Garik Kharlamov, but recently the couple announced plans to divorce. “The decision to divorce is mine. Thoughts began long before the writing of the novel "Text". Still, both need to work on the relationship,”wrote Christina. However, both noted that they are parting on good terms and plan to do it peacefully. Moreover, the couple has a six-year-old daughter, Anastasia, who is adored by both mom and dad.

Photo: Instagram @ a_kharlamova, asmuskristina_

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